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Investment-grade carbon-market data and analytics

MSCI Carbon Markets provides investment-grade data and analytics to a wide range of clients across the carbon-market ecosystem. This includes companies, banks, investors, project developers, brokers, consultants and governments.

Following the acquisition of Trove Research in 2023, MSCI Carbon Markets leverages over two decades of experience in carbon-market analysis, combining proprietary data collection with advanced data science, geospatial and techno-economic modeling to create unique and actionable insights.

Carbon projects and transactions

What type of carbon credits are being created and used today? How might this change in the future?

Our platform offers a granular view of:

  • Over 15,000 projects spanning more than 15 registries
  • Over 1 million carbon-credit transactions covering issuances, retirements, cancellations and surplus by type, vintage and standard
  • Performance metrics and compliance eligibility
  • Developer profiles and investment tracking

Carbon credit integrity

Which carbon credits have the highest integrity and offer the greatest protection from reputational risk?

  • Proprietary framework to assess the quality of over 5,000 carbon projects
  • Criteria include additionality, quantification, permanence, co-benefits, legal/ethical issues and delivery risk
  • Transparent and rules-based methodologies for a thorough analysis of carbon-credit quality
  • Advanced analytics tools incorporating deep technology and sector expertise coupled with geospatial analysis
  • Over 400,000 datapoints across 20,000 project documents reviewed to date

Carbon credit prices

How much do carbon credits cost today and how have prices changed?

Our experienced pricing team produces detailed pricing analyses to allow buyers and traders to assess current market prices in exceptional depth:

  • More than 50 price indexes for specific carbon project types
  • OTC and exchange trades
  • Prices by region, vintage, project type, quality and other attributes
  • Dedicated Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) transactions tracking
  • AI-driven tools to calculate credit prices for individual projects

Corporate climate data

Which companies have set climate targets, how many carbon credits are they buying and how many might they need in the future?

We provide robust analyses and forecasts for over 10,000 companies:

  • Historical credit demand analyzed at a project level
  • Future credit demand modeled, segmented and costed
  • Climate commitments, emissions-reduction pathways and decarbonization activities
  • Metrics to assess corporate-climate ambition, risks and performance

Policy and guidance

How might policy changes impact corporate-climate commitments and the use of carbon credits?

We deliver in-depth insights to keep clients informed of the fast-changing policy landscape:

  • Analysis and consensus tracking on key policy and guidance updates across more than 180 organizations
  • Insights on market-moving initiatives that impact climate commitments and credit usage
  • Strategic guides, timely analyses, detailed country policy profiles and email alert service
  • Monitoring and analysis of sovereign trading of credits under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

Market forecasts

How could the price, demand and supply of carbon credits change in the future and why?

We provide detailed analysis to help clients understand how the global carbon market may evolve up to 2050:

  • Projections for carbon-credit supply, demand and prices
  • Reduction and removals, nature-based and engineered CDR credits, as well as the Paris Agreement’s Article 6 and CORSIA-eligible credits
  • Interactive scenario tool to create custom forecasts
  • In-depth development cost and opportunity models by project type

International Aviation

Which airlines have set climate targets, how many credits are they purchasing and what is their anticipated future demand?

We combine unique proprietary data and analytics to help clients understand how the international aviation sector may evolve:

  • In-depth analysis and forecasts on the CORSIA-eligible credit market
  • Climate profiles on more than 300 airlines, including emissions, climate commitments, decarbonization activity, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) purchases and current and projected CORSIA-credit demand and expenditure
  • Policy analysis on CORSIA and aviation decarbonization

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How clients - Carbon Markets

How clients use our platform and data

Banks use our data and analytics to raise capital, extend finance, trade carbon credits, counsel clients and align with regulatory-reporting requirements. We help financial institutions...

  • Determine the role for carbon credits within the bank’s climate strategy.
  • Obtain a more extensive picture of corporate-climate performance and ambition to ensure the lending book is consistent with the overall climate strategy.
  • Identify and purchase high-integrity, cost-effective carbon credits for the bank’s own use.
  • Support and optimize carbon-credit trading desks.
  • Track company use of carbon credits within the lending book and investment portfolio.
  • Stay informed of key carbon-market dynamics to deliver quality carbon credit advice.
  • Analyze carbon-market trends and regulatory guidance to inform project finance decisions.
  • Support disclosures for new reporting requirements on carbon-credit use.

Carbon trading desks use our data and analytics to anticipate client demand, seize market opportunities, and manage their risk. We help traders…

  • Stay abreast of market supply and demand dynamics, and key policy debates.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of individual projects.
  • Identify the integrity risks of any credit in the market.
  • Identify current and potential future buyers of carbon credits, their credit preferences and willingness to pay.
  • Monitor market prices and understand price moves.
  • Value trading books and portfolios.

Asset owners and managers use our data and analytics for more extensive and actionable insights into the climate performance of their portfolios. We help institutional investors…

  • Understand and track portfolio and company use of carbon credits.
  • Obtain a more complete picture of corporate climate performance and ambition.
  • Analyze potential reputational risks faced by investible companies in their use of credits.
  • Quantify carbon-credit liabilities at the company and portfolio level.
  • Support disclosures for the reporting on portfolio company use of carbon credits.
  • Assess new market opportunities arising from growth in the carbon market.
  • Determine how carbon credits could support the fund and/or investor’s own climate strategy.
  • Identify and purchase high-integrity, cost-effective carbon credits to fulfill fund or investor’s own climate claims.

Companies use our data and analytics to bolster all aspects of their climate strategy. We help carbon-credit buyers…

  • Determine what role carbon credits should play in climate strategy.
  • Benchmark climate and carbon-credit strategies against peers.
  • Monitor carbon-credit supply, demand and pricing market dynamics.
  • Identify the types of carbon credits to purchase today or invest in for the future.
  • Reduce reputational risks and enhance the positive impact of credit purchases.
  • Ensure value-for-money for credit purchases today and estimate likely future costs.
  • Simplify efforts to complete carbon-credit disclosure requirements.
  • Adapt to evolving carbon-market policies, regulations and standards.

Airlines use our data and analytics to understand and align with CORSIA obligations, enhance their climate strategy, and minimize potential reputational risks. We help international airlines…

  • Follow CORSIA policy developments and best practices for aviation decarbonization.
  • Benchmark climate and carbon-credit strategies against peers.
  • Ensure value-for-money today for credit purchases and quantify potential future carbon -credit liabilities under CORSIA.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of CORSIA-eligible carbon projects.
  • Reduce reputational risks and enhance the positive impact of credit purchases.
  • Monitor CORSIA-eligible carbon-credit supply, demand and pricing market dynamics.
  • Streamline reporting of carbon-credits for both mandatory rules and voluntary standards.
  • Track how the SAF and carbon-credit markets may interact.

Supply-side stakeholders use our data and analytics to enhance their commercial and environmental impact. We help developers and investors…

  • Support proposals when raising funds or negotiating long-term offtakes.
  • Identify new market opportunities for investment and development.
  • Benchmark their own carbon projects and investments against peers.
  • Understand the integrity of their projects and how integrity can be improved.
  • Identify current and potential future buyers of carbon credits, their credit preferences and willingness to pay.
  • Track market prices and understand price fluctuations.
  • Stay abreast of the rapidly evolving and complex policy and market landscape to understand changes that could influence demand for credits or development standards.
  • Unlock the carbon value of investments in timberland, farmland and nature.

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