MSCI currency hedged indexes

tools for investors focused on the impact of currency

To hedge or not to hedge currency is a question that ultimately depends on an investor’s specific circumstances, including risk tolerance, investment horizon and any view on the currency markets. Investors who wish to express a view on currency or remove currency risk often seek to hedge their foreign currency exposure without altering their underlying equity exposure. For such investors, the MSCI Hedged Indexes may be a useful tool as they seek to measure the equity performance of an MSCI Parent Index, while removing the impact of currency.

Simple and Effective

MSCI can apply the Hedged Index Methodology to any MSCI index. The MSCI Hedged Indexes include all of the securities and weights of each corresponding unhedged MSCI Parent Index, enabling investors to measure the impact of hedging currency, for all the constituents of the Parent Index.

MSCI Currency Hedged Indexes have shown to reduce overall volatility and provide risk control by allowing investors to separate currency risk within their portfolios.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Straight forward index methodology, combining performance of a monthly currency forward contract with the return of an unhedged MSCI Parent Index
  • Effective tool for global investors who seek to remove the risk of fluctuating exchange rates, or who have a view on currency




Accuracy, timeliness and transparency


Accurate measures of markets and fair benchmarks



Cost effective solutions and implementation

Unbiased representation of the market through MSCI’s global framework


Broader approach without country/sector biases and longer history with a consistent methodology across all markets

Quarterly index reviews


Minimizes turnover while balancing timely representation

1 $30B in FY’15 flows linked to MSCI hedged indexes – highest among all index providers. As of December 31, 2015; defined as each share class of an exchange traded fund, as identified by a separate Bloomberg ticker. Only primary listings, and not cross-listings, are counted.


Tools for investors focused on the impact of currency.

Why Currency Returns and Currency Hedging Matters

With the growth of international investing, the impact of currency movements continues to be a significant issue.

Index Methodology

This methodology book covers the following indexes:
MSCI Hedged Indexes
MSCI Daily Hedged Indexes
MSCI FX Hedged Indexes
MSCI Global Currency Indexes