What is Developer Community?

What is Developer Community?

Asset managers and other institutional investors are increasingly leveraging advances in data science to speed the development of insights, design products and serve clients. They are harnessing application programming interfaces (APIs) to map out strategies, improve offerings, and grow and scale businesses.

Developer Community is a searchable directory of MSCI’s APIs. It’s designed to power better investing by putting our APIs into the hands of developers, data scientists and quantitative managers quickly to help speed their work, serve clients better, and go to market sooner.

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Why Use Developer Comunity

Why use Developer Community?

  • Search, explore, learn and try APIs from MSCI to support a range of applications and use cases for index, fixed income, ESG and climate, and real estate investing
  • Create your own investment applications or use API orchestration to integrate front- and back-office applications into a single offering
  • Access REST- based APIs for MSCI’s risk-factor models and analytics for portfolio construction
  • Leverage downloadable code snippets to speed set-up, improve collaboration, jump-start projects and build

In addition to code and use cases, community members will find documentation and answers to questions, together with the latest insights into our APIs, analytical tools and services.

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MSCI Developer Comunity

Search and find MSCI’s APIs, with additional insights into analytical tools and services. Leverage the APIs to integrate our industry-leading content, models, data, as well as our risk and analytical engines with your own custom applications.

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Why Use Data Explorer

Developer Community offering:

Developer Community offers a cohesive, intuitive platform for accessing MSCI’s APIs. It enables you to leverage MSCI APIs for MSCI’s research, data, content and analytics capabilities via a platform that supports scalable, low-cost development, easy customization and continuous innovation.

API content available

Factor Lab Peer Similarity Score New
Factor Crowding Security Crowding
Factor Analytics Single Security Analyzer
Risk Analysis (SOAP) BarraOne Developer’s Toolkit (BDT)
BarraOne Developer’s Toolkit Interactive (BDTi) (SOAP)  – 
Constituent Events
Performance Dividends
Security Master FX Rates
Data Reports
Real Estate
Reporting Submission

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API Use Cases


The ESG Data API provides a way for clients to retrieve current and historical ESG data for issuers and data points that the requesting user is entitled to receive.

Use Case: Sustainable investing for a better future

To equip you with the tools to identify the various approaches and assess how each of their characteristics fit with your specific needs, we’ve laid out the key elements that make sustainable investment strategies unique.

Learn more

Real estate performance and Risk Data API

Leverage a single interface to access MSCI results data on performance and risk measurement of real estate indexes, private portfolios and benchmarks.

Use case: commercial real estate insights

Use our APIs to build your own applications. Get real estate information, deep analysis and up-to-date calculations on various cities, zip codes and neighborhoods in our database across the globe.

Learn more

MSCI Nexus Conference

MSCI Nexus Conference

MSCI Nexus Conference

How next-generation technology will solve today’s most important investment challenges

Watch the replay of this event for more about how to unlock the power of finance with technological innovations and what a reimagined role of technology means for investors.

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