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Today’s investors demand portfolio outcomes customized to their unique values, preferences and situations. As highlighted in our recently released MSCI Research, asset and wealth managers face the challenge of balancing multiple investment objectives to address an individual client’s needs. Those objectives include managing clients’ tax considerations and reflecting clients’ preferences such as security concentration (e.g., single stock exposure), personal values (e.g., ESG, climate, etc.) or other investment choices.

MSCI Quantitative Investment Solutions (QIS) offers a hosted, scalable, and easy-to-integrate optimization toolkit to help portfolio managers customize separately managed accounts (SMAs) efficiently and at scale in line with each of their clients’ financial objectives. They can seamlessly integrate our optimization engine into their portfolio management workflow for greater transparency, control, and the power to scale the solution to thousands of portfolios daily.

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Enabling customization at scale with MSCI QIS

Mark Carver, Jay Dermody and Joseph Wickremasinghe discuss how MSCI QIS helps portfolio managers construct and implement tax-optimized and personalized portfolio at scale.

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Our unique tax strategy templates with links to MSCI indexes, ESG ratings, carbon emissions and factor models enable portfolio managers to create personalized and tax-advantaged portfolios at scale.

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  • Standard template

    Apply standard templates or build your own for specific use cases:

    • Tax Advantaged Model Tracking
    • Tax Neutral
    • Gain Realization
    • Gain Budgeting
    • Max Loss Harvesting
    • Blank Tax template
    • Non-tax template
  • Seamless data access

    Leverage pre-integrated data and capabilities in the API:

    • MSCI Indexes (with history)
    • MSCI risk models
    • ESG data and screens
    • Carbon and climate data
    • Factors: Crowding, FactorLab
  • Predictable cost

    Drive cost control through usage-based pricing. Pay for the content you need and for usage of the service, aligning our solutions with the value you create from it

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QIS helps portfolio managers:

  • Deliver a differentiated proposition to help accelerate asset gathering through customized services
  • Reduce operational cost through efficient delivery of client-specific tax optimization
  • Meet high-volume business needs with cloud technology for scalability
  • Enhance control and transparency with powerful reporting and communication
  • Retain and win businesses through efficiency and scale

This solution will enable portfolio managers to spend less time with the mechanics of implementation and more time enhancing the client experience and business growth.

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