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Make confident investment decisions with a clear view of public and private assets

We help CIOs aggregate all their unstructured and opaque data, creating one unified view, to give them total clarity and control of their public and private assets. Our Total Plan (formerly Caissa) is built for modern capital allocators.

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At MSCI, we create a common language between public and private markets to allow you to harmonize across disparate data sets. Total Plan (formerly Caissa) is easy to use and tailored to you: cut the data how you want, drill down further if needed, create a live performance report for part or all of your portfolio, or quickly see your exposures with precision, all at the touch of a button. You can access MSCI’s world-class private asset data, providing a level of transparency to help you find your edge as alternatives become increasingly important. You can build in a wealth of other insights across your entire portfolio with ESG, climate, biodiversity and other data, creating the reassurance you need.

Slice and dice your portfolio in hundreds of ways

  • Aggregate data

    We aggregate, cleanse and harmonize transparency data from investor letters, separately managed accounts (SMAs), private equity funds, Form 13F filings and other sources, and integrate it into the platform.

  • Harmonize exposures

    With harmonized exposures that allow for full aggregation across asset classes and investment vehicles, you can easily perform exposure, risk, liquidity, attribution and quantitative analysis of your portfolio or underlying managers.

  • Monitor investments

    You can shift focus from maintaining data to monitoring investments, with the ability to visually spot manager style drift and schedule automatic alerts flagging any manager mandate breaches — through a system that stores vast amounts of data for knowledge continuity.

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Analyze your portfolio’s performance

Quantitative analytics

Compare the returns of your portfolio or that of any current or prospective manager to thousands of preloaded, customizable benchmarks to quickly determine performance analytics such as alpha, rolling beta, standard deviation and drawdown analysis.


Isolate your managers' core competencies by viewing the factors that drove their performance across dimensions such as capital utilization, sectors, countries and position sizing. Analyze sources of your portfolio's relative performance over a policy benchmark and evaluate the results of your actions across areas such as tactical weightings and manager selection on a risk-adjusted basis.

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Report portfolio performance on a real-time basis

Performance book of records

Report on your portfolio's performance with our modern, real-time performance engine. Own your portfolio performance data. Streamline data maintenance and quality control. View your performance on a time-matched and lagged basis using a single set of portfolio data and our customizable book closing schedule functionality.

Shadow Book of Record

Shadow your service provider’s performance services by maintaining an independent set of books and records on the platform.

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Powerful risk analytics and exposure look-through

Exposure management

Analyze your entire portfolio’s universe of investments, including hedge funds, SMAs, long-only funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds. Integrate exposure analysis with liquidity using drill-down flexibility and answer questions such as:

  • What percentage of the total exposure across my entire portfolio is in energy?
  • What percentage within energy is common stock exposure?
  • What percentage of that energy common stock is redeemable within three months?

Risk management

Assess risk by leveraging your exposures to conduct holdings-based stress tests as opposed to relying on historical returns. Evaluate how your portfolio and managers would fare in various situations such as a 1% interest rate hike, a 20% stock market dip or a black swan event.

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Integrated portfolio construction for simplified decision making

Liquidity analysis

Capture complex hedge fund liquidity terms including investor-level gates and accelerated exit options. Automatically compute liquidation schedules and easily assess portfolio rebalancing opportunities. Avoid costly mistakes by setting up automated reminders for upcoming redemption opportunities.

What-if modeling

Model future transactions by adding potential managers, forecasting cash flows, or planning allocations and redemptions with existing managers. View projected changes to portfolio exposures to ensure the projected portfolio is aligned with your investment objectives.

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Data that offers look-through detail into public and private capital investments

Transparency data

Access Private Capital Transparency Data — the private capital data set MSCI-enriched with research-based insights. Data is continuously gathered from original source documents provided by managers, augmented with extensive research, and uniformly classified, logged and checked.

Carbon footprint model

Access complete data and analysis for measuring and monitoring greenhouse gas emissions within private equity portfolios with our Carbon Footprinting of Private Equity and Debt Funds solution and aggregate your total carbon footprint across public and private investments with the Total Plan (formerly Caissa) platform. This data is designed to help investors trying to align with net-zero goals measure and compare carbon emissions of private companies and other unlisted assets, and see how climate risk may affect private company valuations.

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  • Extensive experience in analytics and public data, as well as private markets with acquisition of the Burgiss Group

  • Innovative ESG ratings, as well as climate and biodiversity data and analytics

  • Access to vast repository of transparency data

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  • 1 As of Jan 23, 2024.