Intro - AI Portfolio Insights

Unlock the power of MSCI’s next generation risk management solution using modern cloud-data infrastructure and GenAI.

MSCI AI Portfolio Insights provides actionable risk and performance insights and integrates risk management into investment decision processes. Designed to increase speed, create efficiencies and enhance collaboration with investment teams, our solution empowers teams to proactively manage risk.

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Key benefits - AI Portfolio Insights

Key benefits

  • Scale your risk management process

    Gain fast and easy access to your data by integrating cloud and data warehousing technology to create a modern risk infrastructure to help manage portfolios at scale.

  • Increase efficiency

    Spend less time finding the needle in the haystack through automated anomaly detection and limits-monitoring.

  • Transform communication

    Quickly share results of risks and portfolio characteristics with the front office through dynamic visualizations and natural language summaries.

How - AI Portfolio Insights

AI Portfolio Insights allows you to access a broad view of the overall levels of risk and performance in your portfolios, how levels have changed over time, and the main drivers behind these changes. With the integration of artificial intelligence, our solution helps to surface changes to the risk and performance characteristics of your portfolios.

By leveraging Snowflake’s powerful tools, you can integrate risk and performance analytics in your existing systems, create customized reports or dashboards or run ad hoc analysis. Clearer communication and faster access to actionable results supports stronger collaboration between risk and investment teams by allowing them to easily integrate the analytics into their investment processes.

Video - Risk management

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Transform your risk processes with innovations in risk analytics

Watch MSCI’s latest solutions in action. See how AI insights, analysis of macro scenarios and a more complete view of risk can elevate your risk processes.

Automating - AI Portfolio Insights

Automating Insights to drive decisions

  • Get a dynamic and intuitive view of risk powered by our data, analytics and research driven content.

  • Use a scalable and dynamic data model which facilitates easy data retrieval and flexible expansion of content storage.

  • Access AI-assisted analysis on the most important drivers of equity risk on your portfolios using GenAI.

  • Integrate cloud technology to gain faster and easier access to your data.

  • Easily communicate across the organization through curated dashboards or direct access to the data warehouse

  • Enhance your risk and performance processes with the integration of our content across Index, Sustainability, and Real Assets.

Data-driven - AI Portfolio Insights

Data-driven results powered by modern data warehousing

  • AI Portfolio Insights uses calculation engines to intake client portfolios and provide statistics and analytics to a cloud-enabled warehouse.
  • Risk teams can access these results through data models integrated into Snowflake, with governance principles ensuring data consistency and quality.
  • The data is transformed into easy-to-understand visualizations through interactive dashboards, enabling efficient communication of risk results.

Backed - AI Portfolio Insights

Backed by MSCI content

As an innovator in risk analytics, from the modern factor model to Value-at-Risk (VaR), MSCI delivers impactful risk statistics to help measure, monitor and manage risk.

  • Data1

    • Sourced from nearly 80 vendors
    • Reference data for 20M+ assets, including history
    • 200+ staff dedicated to data services
    • Significant quality assurance processes
  • Quality of performance

    • Helps you to maintain high data quality standards that aim to deliver timely and reliable analytics
    • Leading risk models and actionable insights
    • An integrated view of risk and return running up to 1 trillion calculations per day
  • State-of-the-art risk models

    • Innovative VaR simulation methodologies
    • Rigorous stress tests
    • Market exposure and sensitivity analysis
    • Equity, fixed income and multi-asset class factor models that include both public and private assets

Our clients - AI Portfolio Insights

Our clients

Risk and investment teams from asset managers, asset owners and hedge funds need to collaborate and proactively integrate risk into investment decision-making. We offer AI Portfolio Insights so that they can acquire and process vast amounts of data at speed with modern and scalable technologies. Our research-enhanced content and tools help institutional investors elevate their understanding and analysis of market, factor, credit, liquidity, and counterparty risk across all major asset classes, spanning short, medium, and long-term time horizons.

Resources - AI Portfolio Insights

Footnotes - AI Portfolio Insights

  • 1 As of May, 2024.