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Consult our communications hub to track index reviews, announcements, classification changes, country memberships and press releases.

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  • Quarterly Reviews

    View the quarterly changes to our indexes, including additions and deletions.

  • Index Reviews

    View the quarterly changes to a subset of our indexes: US Equities, US REIT, China A Onshore, China All Shares, Frontier Markets, MENA, India (domestic), Euro and Pan-Euro.

  • Index Reviews — Subscribers

    View history analysis, technical communications and other information for subscribers.

  • Announcements

    Stay updated with the latest bulletins on consultation results, new index launches, methodology updates and other index developments.

  • Index Consultations

    Explore our client consultations and discover key drivers that allow us to effectively address our clients' evolving needs.

  • Market Classification

    Learn about our index market classification framework and how it is reviewed.

  • Index Country Membership

    View the indexes that cover specific countries or regions. Plus, view the countries that are included in each regional or global index.

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