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From off-the-shelf models, static tools and spreadsheets, today’s wealth management technology is built for the past. At MSCI, our tools are designed for the future of wealth management, with technology built to maximize your time, effectiveness and client outcomes. We power portfolio design, customization and analytics, creating client value at scale for wealth managers.

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How we support wealth managers

  • Portfolio construction

    Build model portfolios

    • Construct your house view asset allocation, fund model portfolios and leverage client-designed indexes, keeping your indexed separately managed account strategies in house.
    • Quickly customize your house view by incorporating sustainable preferences, thematic exposures and private assets.
  • Portfolio management

    Deliver targeted client portfolio outcomes

    • Monitor adherence of client accounts to your house view strategies with customizable cross book risk monitoring through MSCI Fabric.
    • Easily move client accounts to your house view models, while working around advisor and client preferences and restrictions, with simplified optimized rebalancing.
  • Sales enablement

    Fortify client relationships

    • Lead client discussions with more confidence using differentiated risk insights, ESG and climate reporting, and investment planning.
    • Access data-driven business intelligence to deliver impactful proposals and improve client reporting and digital portals.

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Featured content

Why - Wealth Managers 2024


  • Leverage the capital market ecosystem

    As a data provider to many of the world’s leading financial institutions and companies, we draw insights from asset owner and manager, insurance, banking, brokerage and hedge fund clients around the globe.

  • Access our expertise and scale

    Our research team includes leading multi-asset class experts across country, sector, factor, ESG, climate and thematic investing. And we possess the core infrastructure to support clients’ personalized requests, with operational capacity to calculate over 278,000 daily indexes1.

  • Get the big picture

    Our integrated toolkit provides a synergistic view across asset classes, products and markets, all supported by an AI and data-rich financial infrastructure.

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Solutions - Wealth Managers 2024

Related solutions

  • Index

    As one of the global leaders in indexes, MSCI helps support wealth managers increasing exposure to passive investing across asset classes.

  • Sustainability

    Our ESG and climate data, reporting and tools can help you build portfolios that reflect client sustainability preferences while managing ESG- and climate-related risk. Our tools are powered by a global team of over 400 ESG and climate research analysts2.

  • Private Capital Solutions

    For over 40 years we have been at the forefront of delivering quality data, analytics and solutions to help private asset teams confidently build private capital portfolios.

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Footnotes - Wealth Managers 2024

  • 1 As of December 2023.
  • 2 As of December 2023.