What does MSCI API offer?


Define what data to download and when


Outsource data calculations to MSCI (e.g., constituent weights)


Uncouple internal processes from changes to MSCI data files


Know you have the most up-to-date version of our data


Access the full scope of licensed MSCI index data

MSCI API - Third Header

Key Features

MSCI API - Three blocks

Extensive data for 400,000+ indexes

End of day indexes
Real-time indexes
Index level attributes
Index constituents
Security characteristics
Corporate Events
FX rates

Flexibility across multiple dimensions

Views: Select between "open of market" and "close of market" index views
Scope: Specify downloads for an individual index or for all indexes
Period: Download only today's data or data over a specified historical time period

Simple data processing

Leverage automation through system-to-system downloads
Speed time-to-market through immediate access to newly launched indexes
Helps reduce opeartional risk by downloading pre-processed

MSCI API - Combine MSCI Content

Combine MSCI Content in Powerful Ways

Index Performance API

Index levels, performance, and other key attributes


FX rate information

Index Master API

Information describing MSCI index characteristics

Real-Time Index API

Real-time index level data

Index Constituent API

Constituents across the universe of MSCI indexes

Corporate Events API

Advanced corporate events data related to MSCI indexes

Intra Event Details API

Information and impact of intraday events

Security Master API

Security level data points

Entitlement API

Provides client entitlement information across MSCI indexes

Production Completion Notification API

Notifications for MSCI production cycle completion

Intraday Event Notification API

Notifications for corporate events

Know more about various Index APIs available including their key features, specifications, definitions, sample codes etc. through our new Developer Community platform.

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