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We provide the solutions that enable you to develop a more complete view of risk and return that deepens your firm’s perspective.

MSCI’s Analytics solutions offer institutional investors an intuitive view of risk and return by integrating award-winning risk tools and actionable risk and performance insights into investment decision processes. Built on industry-pioneering models and quality-reviewed data, our solutions aim to help you make better investment decisions and enhance your understanding and analysis of market, factor, credit, liquidity and counterparty risk across asset classes, spanning short-, medium- and long-term time horizons.

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Preparing Risk Management for the Future

Risk teams are increasingly expected to provide faster, deeper insights to support the investment process, while monitoring new and emerging sources of risks. To support these expanding demands, MSCI offers new and updated solutions which aim to deliver increased automation and modern infrastructure to drive efficiency and scale, while creating clarity and an actionable view of risk and return.

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  • Build more resilient and differentiated portfolios by leveraging MSCI’s innovative solutions.​

  • Gain greater clarity with insights that provide an actionable view of risk and return.

  • Add value with flexible solutions that enable collaboration and enhance the investment process.

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Featured content

Risk and performance insights that may enable you to build more resilient portfolios.

  • Risk Management Solutions

    Leverage risk management solutions differentiated by modern technology and infrastructure to integrate risk in your investment decision process.

  • Portfolio Management Solutions

    Build and manage better portfolios as you analyze key drivers of return by utilizing our research, data, indexes, and multi-asset class portfolio management tools.

  • Quantitative Investment Solutions

    Use a hosted, scalable, and easy-to-integrate optimization toolkit to customize separately managed accounts efficiently and at scale in line with your clients’ financial objectives.

Access analytics with broad asset class coverage.

  • Fixed Income Analytics

    Access analytics covering an extensive range of fixed income instruments, designed to support your investment process across your front and middle office teams, delivered directly into your existing workflow.

  • Equity Factor Investing

    Build better portfolios by leveraging equity factor models and analytics backed by four decades of factor research and innovation.

  • Private Asset Analytics for Wealth Managers

    Apply modern portfolio design and risk assessment to customize portfolios with MSCI Fabric, a platform that leverages our Multi-Asset Class (MAC) Factor and Private Asset Models.

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