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Available through the MSCI Real Estate Analytics Portal, Portfolio Services delivers whatever level of analysis you need from portfolio fund summary reporting to granular asset level data.

Using the portfolio and query builder tools you also have ability to isolate and analyze performance of specific sectors, segments or assets, run analysis on custom portfolios and evaluate custom time horizons.

Portfolio Services also provides a common language for the C-Suite, Research, Risk and Investor Relations teams across your organization.

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One holistic view of your investments across portfolios, strategies, and mandates

The powerful combination of our objective, consistent data and research-led insights help investors seeking to take decisive action and understand the markets you operate in.


Should I exit a particular strategy?


You need to evaluate a potential decision to exit certain investments and understand what impact this will have on overall portfolio balance and risk levels.


Enterprise Analytics helps you tell your unique sector, segment, or asset story

The ability to run analysis on custom portfolios by any standard measure, currency or segmentation means you can demonstrate strength across the business in a particular strategy for capital raising.


Which markets and sectors are driving my performance?


You need to understand the drivers of performance across markets and sectors, as well as in depth relative to each portfolio.


Enterprise Analytics allows you to compare, test and evaluate future-ready strategies

By running analysis on all of your holdings, across regions and portfolios, you can test the impact on firm wide performance and consider strategic changes to allocation or investments.


Is capital appreciation sustainable?


You need to deliver consistent real estate returns over the mid- to long-term depending on the ability to grow income and monitor the underlying drivers of capital appreciation.


Enterprise Analytics can help relieve investor relations, risk and governance reporting burden for data-hungry investors by putting analysis in your hands

New enhancements give you the ability to isolate and analyze performance of specific sectors, segments, or assets, run analysis on custom portfolios and evaluate custom time horizons on any standard or client-created portfolio or dataset.


Can I calm a nervous investor?


You need to answer detailed questions from an investor regarding historical management of properties during turbulent times in the market and bring together a significant sample of data to ease concerns quickly.

Cultural shifts in investing starter


Cultural shifts in investing intro

Cultural shifts in investing

Fears around climate change, the opportunities afforded by extracting real insight from big data and the erosion of home bias are just some of the drivers that are changing how investors, invest.

Investment driving factors

Investment driving factors

A deeper dive into these drivers.


Enterprise analytics - Additional resources


Additional resources

Could covid-19 topple global cities dominance?

Could COVID-19 topple global cities dominance?

Property investors turned to global gateway cities to diversify portfolios and generate capital growth in the years since the 2008 global financial crisis. We assess whether COVID-19 could jeopardize the relative dominance of these power cities.


Real estate asset selection mattered - specially in a crisis

Real estate asset selection mattered - specially in crisis

As real estate strategies become more complex and market disruption continues, attribution analysis may prove a valuable tool. We looked at asset selection’s role in driving portfolios’ relative returns during relatively calm and disruptive periods.


What's driven capital growth in real estate portfolios?

What's driven capital growth in real estate portfolios?

In real estate investing, capital growth has historically been responsible for most of the observed volatility in total returns. Could breaking capital growth into its components help tell a more detailed story of property portfolios’ performance?


Exploring the 'what ifs?' in real estate

Exploring the 'what ifs?' in real estate

The opacity of real estate markets and the wide spectrum of potential outcomes makes it hard to understand performance. Running a historical “what if” analysis may help institutional investors understand how different choices could have impacted outcomes.


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