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  • Equity Factsheets

    Quickly access a performance and characteristics snapshot of any one of roughly 4,500 popular MSCI equity indexes through a simple keyword search.

  • Performance

    Analyze returns for any global, regional or country MSCI index and get performance data refreshed every minute with our end of day and real time index data searches.

  • Methodologies

    Peer into the thinking behind the construction of our rapidly expanding indexes while learning about our latest advancements in this space.

  • Communications

    Explore quarterly index reviews, market classifications, critical index bulletins and the client consultations driving our innovations.

  • Education

    Tap into the MSCI Index Education hub to learn more about indexes and how they can help investors make efficient, strategic decisions, enable diversification and create new products.

  • Tools

    Access index metrics and constituent databases to help you gain a multiperspective analysis, seamless data integration and the market views most relevant to your investment process.

  • Regulation

    Stay abreast of the latest government actions affecting benchmarks and learn what role MSCI plays in monitoring and influencing these developments.

  • Index Licensing

    View our wide variety of financial products based on MSCI indexes, including ETFs, mutual funds, insurance products, structured products, over-the-counter derivatives and listed futures and options.

  • Exchange Traded Products Based on MSCI Indexes

    To demonstrate the quality and widespread use and adoption of MSCI indexes, this document contains a broad list compiled from public sources of listed ETFs, ETNs, futures and options based on MSCI indexes.


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