Why Risk Insights?

Why Risk Insights?

Risk managers need a wide range of risk measures to create a comprehensive picture of risk across their portfolios. Current processes focus on synthesizing large amounts of data and generating results rather than deriving meaningful insights from the data.

By automating processes -- going beyond data delivery -- and transforming data into usable information, we provide you with an understanding of the overall level of risk in your portfolios, how that risk has changed, what caused the changes, and what can be done about it. In short, insights that matter.

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MSCI Risk Insights delivers a single view of risk to help you innovate faster, identify trends, and gain market insights to respond quickly to a rapidly changing investment landscape. Learn more.

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What is Risk Insights

What is Risk Insights?

The Risk Insights module delivers a single view of risk allowing you to innovate faster, identify trends, and gain market insights to respond quickly to a rapidly changing investment landscape.

  • Provides an intuitive view of risk powered by MSCI’s world-class data and analytics
  • Allows for historical trend analysis to drive insights
  • Uses dynamic and interactive visualization tools to deep dive into your risk
  • Leverages cloud technology (i.e., Snowflake, Azure)
  • Utilizes flexible technology to provide analysis across tools via dashboards and APIs
  • Stores scalable data model in the cloud

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Automating insights to drive risk management decisions

Automating insights to drive risk management decisions

Through a curated set of dashboards, you will get a dynamic overview of time-series, factor risk, and stress testing capabilities, to turn risk results into actionable information.

  • Concentration analysis

    Easily find concentrated positions, sectors, factors, or portfolios

  • Attribution of changes

    Identify what contributed to your change in risk and quickly understand the elements that drive the risk of your portfolio over time

  • Trend analysis

    Analyze how your portfolios and their risk profiles have changed over different periods and regimes

  • Outlier identification

    Quickly pinpoint statistically significant outliers

Risk Insights dashboards provide a curated view of key insights to help drive risk management decisions.

Make the data usable

  • Flexible visualization with a curated set of default dashboards that deliver key insights
  • Curated data model to make the results useful by storing them in a purpose-built cloud-based data model

Risk Insights can help you

Risk Insights can help you:

  • Access key insights via dashboards to help you get better informed decisions, faster
  • Communicate effectively and consistently across the organization to foster a risk management culture
  • Fully integrate risk into the investment process
  • Improve efficiency with the ability to see factor risk and times-series risk in a single view

Risk Insights Can Help You

World-Class Content to Power your Insights

World-class content to power your insights

As an innovator in risk analytics, from the modern factor model to Value-at-Risk (VaR), MSCI continuously delivers impactful risk statistics to help measure, monitor and manage risk.

  • Leading market and reference data

    • Sourced from ~80 vendors
    • Reference data for 20M+ assets, including history
    • 200+ staff dedicated to data services
    • Significant QA processes
  • Extensive benchmark coverage

    • Includes the following major indexes: MSCI, Bloomberg, Citigroup, ICE BofAML, Markit iBoxx, S&P Dow Jones
    • 400K+ top-level and 150K+ constituent-level benchmarks indexes processed daily
    • Indexes reconciled daily to 1 bp of reported returns
  • State of the art risk models

    • Innovative Value-at-Risk simulation methodologies
    • Robust stress tests
    • Market exposure and sensitivity analysis
    • Market-leading equity, fixed income and multi-asset class factor models that include privates, real assets and infrastructure

With cloud delivery, world-class content and key insights, you can transform your risk management process to create efficiency and enable a risk management culture. Contact us today to start the transformation.

Our clients

Our clients

We offer institutional investors an integrated view of risk and return. Our research-enhanced content and tools help institutional investors make better investment decisions, enhancing their understanding and analysis of market, credit, liquidity, and counterparty risk across all major asset classes, including ESG, climate and private assets, spanning short, medium, and long-term time horizons.

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