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China has enjoyed dramatic economic growth for decades and is poised to contribute 19% of global gross domestic product (GDP) by 20241, with growth shaping up to exceed that of the U.S. and Europe combined over the next several years. Contributing to its resilience is the country’s favorable policy environment and top-down focus on domestic consumption, resulting in market reforms and investment in science, technology and innovation. China’s increasing importance on the world stage is fueling investor demand for exposure to these opportunities. Since the launch of our flagship MSCI China and MSCI China A Indexes, we continue to develop innovative index solutions to help investors capture China’s future growth potential in their portfolios, as investors are increasingly looking to capture these dynamics.

Introducing: MSCI China Thematic Indexes

China’s rapid economic growth is driving continued urbanization, technological innovation and changing demographics, creating investment opportunities in new areas of the economy. We capture these trends through thematic indexes across three key megatrend categories: Technological Innovation; the Environment and Resources; and Society and Lifestyle.

We have designed 20 China Thematic Indexes for both international and domestic investors seeking exposure to the megatrends driving China’s future economy and access to those companies expected to drive future growth. These indexes are sector agnostic and constructed using a rules-based methodology that is scalable and flexible, with an emphasis on investability and replicability.

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Capitalize on themes expected to drive tomorrow’s markets

Assessing opportunities through a thematic lens represents a new way for investors to understand and capitalize on opportunities created by macroeconomic, geopolitical and technological trends that are both structural and transformative in nature. Unlike backward-looking approaches, thematic investing seeks to identify the future growth catalysts that have the potential to drive innovation, transform global economies, and redefine business models. In China, these growth trends are further accelerated by policy support, rapid domestic consumption growth and an unprecedented industrial upgrade.

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A Thematic Lens for Portfolios

A Thematic Lens for Portfolios

Our latest blog shows how MSCI Thematic Exposure relevance scores helped position growth funds, as an example, alongside thematic funds, and highlighted key megatrends that drove performance. A thematic lens can help analyze other categories and strategies as well.

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