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Established as Core

Established as Core

The MSCI EM Index’s weight in the MSCI ACWI index rose from 0.9% in January 1988 to 12% in June 2020. EM continued to be characterized by its exposure to unique growth opportunities, significant dispersion of country performances, as well as the historical factor/ESG premium.

Characterized by Dynamism

Characterized by Dynamism

EM’s growing economic size and technological significance are among the biggest forces shaping global economic landscape. As a result, grasping the dynamism of emerging markets, specifically, the speed and path of A shares inclusion, and the configuration and implementation of China in equity portfolios is important to understanding global opportunity set.

Built to Last

Built to Last

Constructed based on the MSCI Global Investable Market Indexes (GIMI) Methodology, MSCI Emerging Market index is designed to dynamically reflect the evolution of the emerging markets opportunity set and to meet investors’ global and regional asset allocation needs.

Key MSCI Emerging Markets Indexes

Key MSCI Emerging Markets Indexes

Building on this index, MSCI has developed various derived indexes including indexes capturing different size segments like Investable Market Indexes (IMI), large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap and all-cap as well sector, style, ESG and Factor indexes.

Key EM Indexes

Emerging Markets Index

Covers more than 1,400 securities across large- and mid-cap size segments

Emerging Markets IMI

Covers more than 3,200 securities across large-, mid- and small-cap size segments

Emerging Markets Large Cap

Covers more than 700 securities across large-cap size segments

Emerging Markets Mid Cap

Covers more than 600 securities across mid-cap size segments

Emerging Markets Small Cap

Covers more than 1,700 securities across small-cap size segments

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