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What are the N Indexes?

Derived from MSCI’s flagship Global Investable Market Indexes (PDF, 1.9 MB) , the N Indexes are free float-adjusted market capitalization weighted indexes designed to track the performance of the largest N securities of an underlying MSCI IMI Index.


How are they constructed?

The selection universe for these indexes would be any MSCI country or region IMI. The constituents of that parent index are ranked in descending order of their free float-adjusted market capitalization and the largest N securities are selected. The resulting index constituents are weighted according to their free float-adjusted market capitalizations.

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N Indexes Explainer Video

Learn how the N Indexes offer investors targeted exposure to countries and regions using a consistent fixed number index methodology.

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N Indexes - how indexes can be used

How our N Indexes can be used by investors

  • Create financial products

    MSCI’s suite of N Indexes can be used by asset managers, banks and asset owners to create investment vehicles that reference or relate to our indexes, such as ETFs and mutual funds, as well as more complex structured products.

  • Attributing performance

    Our indexes can help active and passive investors assess the performance of their equity portfolios.

  • Targeted market exposures

    The MSCI N Indexes can be tailored by investors to meet their specific needs and objectives.

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