Investment Reporting 2/1

Investment Reporting

Investment consultants, asset owners and financial advisers often seek timely, reliable data and advanced tools to generate meaningful performance analysis. MSCI Analytics offers a range of tools tailored to the demands of these groups.



InvestorForce Report

Many institutional investment consultants want a performance measurement and reporting solution that balances robust and easily customizable reporting with workflow efficiency and organizational scale.

Informed by more than 15 years of experience in building leading edge technology solutions for institutional consultants, MSCI’s InvestorForce Report is used by more than 65 consultants advising more than 9,500 plans, with a collective US$3.5 trillion in assets.

The InvestorForce reporting platform leverages the latest technology, bringing together automated data collection and data aggregation, reconciliation, report readiness and design tools to generate “publish ready” reports. A hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it provides global, 24/7 real time access to your performance reporting platform, wherever an internet connection is available.

The MSCI InvestorForce reporting platform provides a holistic end-to-end solution designed to deliver superior results and improve the operational efficiency of your firm’s performance reporting.

Investment Reporting - Interactive Asset


Advanced data collection for streamlined operations:

  • Custodial Data Feeds
  • Manager Data Collection
  • Market Reference Data
  • Client-Originated Data
  • Security Master

Advanced tools to analyze and perform institutional level analysis:

  • Returns-Based Analytics
  • Holdings-Based Analytics
  • Advanced Attribution
  • Private Market Analytics
  • Peer Universes
Report creation

Easily create standard report formats to client specific customizations:

  • Content Importer
  • Report Designer
  • Template Builder
  • Report Batching
Information delivery

Deliver data and reports online to your clients:

  • Publish-Ready Reports
  • Online Analytics
  • Insight Web Portal

Investment Reporting 2/2

  • Download the InvestorForce Report Brochure


InvestorForce Plan Universes and Compare

Investment consultants have expressed a need for widely-drawn data to make peer comparisons. InvestorForce Plan Universes comprise over 2,500 institutional plans representing more than USD 3 trillion in assets.  They include a broad range of plan types and asset classes with important dimensions such as plan size, risk profile, asset allocation, and both gross and net performance. InvestorForce Compare, our custom plan-universe builder, allows on-demand creation of customized universes designed to enhance the precision of peer-group comparisons.

  • Download InvestorForce Plan Universes brochure
  • Download InvestorForce Compare brochure



InvestorForce Plan Universes

Institutional asset owners may want to be able to make reliable peer comparisons. InvestorForce Plan Universes cover more than 2,500 institutional plans representing more than US$3 trillion in assets and a wide range of plan types and asset classes. Asset Owners do not have to use InvestorForce Report for performance measurement and reporting to take advantage of the InvestorForce Plan Universes.

  • Download the InvestorForce Plan Universes for Asset Owners Brochure