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The world is rapidly changing and its interdependency and interconnectivity are accelerating at an exponential pace. These significant changes require new approaches to investing that seriously take into account notions of sustainable finance.


Our principles of sustainable investing

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Our Principles of Sustainable Investing

Set forth our views on the core principles and best practices for ESG integration.

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Approaches to Sustainable Investing

Approaches to Sustainable Investing

We understand today, better than ever before, how ESG considerations can impact risk and return. Climate change is the clearest and most pressing illustration of this urgent reality. At MSCI, we believe ESG & Climate factors will significantly impact the pricing of financial asset and the risk and return of investments, which will lead to a large-scale re-allocation of capital over the coming years.

Research has identified examples of meaningful links between ESG and financial performance, demonstrating that ESG affected the valuation and performance of companies.(1)


Given the significant and increasing impact that we expect ESG to exert on assets and the allocation of capital, MSCI urges all investors to integrate ESG considerations throughout their investment processes: To identify new investment opportunities, manage emerging risks and achieve long-term, sustainable investment performance..

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To support this drive, we have developed the MSCI Principles of Sustainable Investing, which sets forth our views and recommendations on the core principles and best practices for ESG integration by investors globally.


Interaction between MSCI ESG Research and the companies and fixed income issuers we rate continues to expand at a rapid pace.

    Investment Strategy- Asset owners should integrate ESG considerations into their processes for establishing, monitoring and revising their overall investment strategy and asset allocation.


    Portfolio management- Portfolio managers should incorporate ESG throughout the entire portfolio management process, including security selection, portfolio construction, risk management, performance attribution and client reporting.


    Investment Research- Research analysts assessing companies and issuing investment recommendations to portfolio managers should integrate ESG (including ESG company ratings) into their fundamental company analysis.




MSCI strongly believes that a systemic and large-scale integration of ESG considerations throughout the entire investment process will enable a more efficient allocation of capital globally towards the most productive assets in the long term and will contribute to a more effective and balanced transition towards a sustainable and inclusive economy.

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We help institutional investors understand ESG-driven risk and opportunities.

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Explore ESG exposures on 650,000 securities and 8 million derivatives to support security selection, portfolio construction, and much more.



1 ESG data, research and ratings are produced by MSCI ESG Research LLC.

2 ESG data, research and ratings are produced by MSCI ESG Research LLC and are used as an input to the MSCI ESG indexes, calculated by MSCI, Inc.



MSCI ESG Research LLC. is a Registered Investment Adviser under the Investment Adviser Act of 1940. The most recent SEC Form ADV filing, including Form ADV Part 2A, is available on the U.S. SEC’s website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.

MIFID2/MIFIR notice: MSCI ESG Research LLC does not distribute or act as an intermediary for financial instruments or structured deposits, nor does it deal on its own account, provide execution services for others or manage client accounts. No MSCI ESG Research product or service supports, promotes or is intended to support or promote any such activity. MSCI ESG Research is an independent provider of ESG data, reports and ratings based on published methodologies and available to clients on a subscription basis. 

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