DE&I Overview - DE&I Boxes

  • Diversity

    We aim to access the widest talent pool to create innovative, high performing teams that drive our business growth strategy.

  • Equity

    We are intentional about ensuring that everyone is treated fairly, and that our people are supported and afforded equal opportunities to succeed.

  • Inclusion

    No one is left out. We act in ways that encourage authenticity and respect for all voices. We work to ensure that everyone feels like they are part of MSCI.

DE&I Overview - Statement

Diversity, equity and inclusion is the engine that drives the company and our culture: When exposed to a variety of viewpoints and experiences, we consider new possibilities. And when fully supported and understood, we begin to thrive so we can best serve our clients.

DE&I Overview - People, Leaders, Community cards

  • Our people

    Enhance strategies to attract, retain and advance diverse talent at all levels across the firm and all offices across the globe.

  • Our communities

    Increase employee, investor, client, vendor and partner engagement on DE&I issues, and boost visibility of our DE&I commitment.

  • Our leaders

    Promote inclusive leadership, foster an equitable workplace where all share a sense of belonging, and build an executive accountability framework to track progress.

DE&I Our People - Statement

Our people

DE&I is more than a set of metrics – it underpins our culture, fueling the innovation and collaboration needed to deliver the best results for our clients.

DE&I Our People - Our workforce

MSCI workforce

DE&I Our People - Diversity metrics & Pay equity

Diversity metrics

Pay equity disclosure

DE&I Our People - Development & training

Development and training

We continually focus on diverse representation in premier leadership and management development programs and other learning offerings, in addition to targeted development for diverse talent.

Global Women’s Mentoring Program

We offer high-performing VP women at MSCI a formal program that includes mentoring by our managing directors and training sessions on personal branding, executive presence, influencing and other topics.

Our annual multi-day educational, networking and speaker event is designed to cultivate stronger leaders from diverse backgrounds and to further promote our global commitment to the deepening of workplace inclusion and belonging. The summit, which focuses on leadership development and strategic planning, is also an opportunity to recognize the achievements of our employee resource group leaders, and to provide them with the opportunity to share their progress and future plans with the chief diversity officer and their executive committee sponsors.

McKinsey’s Connected Leaders Academy

For high-performing senior associates, VPs and executive directors, we offer a career advancement program through McKinsey’s Connected Leaders Academy. McKinsey’s Executive Leadership and Management Accelerator programs seek to empower ethnic minority talent by integrating evidence-based learning into a virtual environment with multicultural faculty.

Cross Company Mid-Career Talent Accelerator

For high-performing VPs and early-career executive directors, we offer a career advancement program through the Black British Business Awards organization. The program seeks to empower ethnic minority talent by integrating evidence-based learning into a virtual environment with a multicultural faculty.

Women in Tech (WIT)

Our employee resource group focuses on accelerating career and leadership development for those in technical roles. It sponsors our Women in Innovation (WIN) initiative that creates opportunities for women in technology to work on innovative projects with senior leadership support.

DE&I Our people - Partnerships


MSCI Research

MSCI research

For more MSCI research, visit our Research and Insights page.

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DE&I Our community - Statement


Our communities

At MSCI, we encourage our employees to reach their full potential, which is why we work to ensure our people have the resources they need and that their voices are heard.

DE&I our community - our voices

MSCI voices

  • “Something I like to tell people when they join MSCI is, ‘You’ve landed at a safe place. The company wants you to be happy and feel secure.’ And it’s true. MSCI understands that being visible in a safe environment empowers you to do a better job.”

    César Ramírez

    Executive Director, Index Management Research


    Pride & Allies

  • "I've been passionate about sustainable living for as long as I can remember — perpetually seeking an answer to the question, 'How can I help save the planet?'"

    Kate Smith

    Vice President and Legal Counsel, EMEA


    Climate Action Network

  • "MSCI can’t solve the world’s problems, but it can help its people and their families. That is not a mandate that comes from a single executive, but a state of mind that is embraced throughout our firm."

    Moses Adediran Adetiba

    Managing Director, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer


    Black Leadership Network

  • “We want to tap into the growing pool of Latin American and American Latin talent and we have built a powerful employee support network to help us do that. We believe it’s critical to integrate unique perspectives and intersectional differences into our company culture.”

    Marianela Hoz de Vila

    Executive Director, Asset Management Analytics Solutions Sales

    New York

    Hola! MSCI

  • “The Women’s Leadership Forum has inspired and empowered us to effect change – within the firm and ourselves. As we connect and support one another through the forum, we evolve together and make a real impact.”

    Sheila Xie

    Executive Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan Client Coverage

    Hong Kong

    Women’s Leadership Forum

  • “We embrace cultural diversity at MSCI. And the Asian Support Network has become not only a way to celebrate those cultures, but to help us understand our differences so we can work together as one cohesive global organization.”

    Cody Dong

    Associate, APAC ESG & Climate Research


    Asian Support Network

DE&I our community - our employee community


Our employee community


  • MSCI Women's Leadership Forum


    The Women's Leadership Forum (WLF) was founded to create awareness and provide tools and skills to support the development of women.

  • Pride Allies


    The Pride & Allies group helps create an inclusive culture in support of our LGBTQ+ colleagues where all MSCI employees can be their authentic selves.

  • MSCI Climate Action Network


    As part of the company's Corporate Responsibility efforts, the Climate Action Network (CAN) was launched to educate and increase awareness of critical environmental issues and challenges.

  • Women in Technology


    The Women in Technology (WIT) group focuses on accelerating career and leadership development for those in technical roles.

  • Black Leadership Network


    The Black Leadership Network (BLN) promotes the recruitment, leadership, development and recognition of Black employees at MSCI.

  • Asian Support Network


    The Asian Support Network (ASN) aims to create an inclusive space for MSCI's Asian colleagues through affirming their Asian identities and experiences, promoting educational, cultural and social awareness, and providing leadership and professional opportunities.

  • All Abilities Network


    The All Abilities Network seeks to empower current and prospective employees with disabilities through equal opportunity to thrive in an inclusive culture, and welcomes and supports allies and friends.

  • MSCI Hispanic community


    Hola! MSCI seeks to unite and develop the MSCI Hispanic community by empowering, inspiring and connecting employees, allies and clients.

DE&I our community - video

Loading DE&I our community - video...

Women in Innovation (WiiN)

Watch our video on Women in Innovation – part of our MSCI Women in Tech employee group – to learn more about our efforts to accelerate career and leadership development for women.

Download transcript (PDF, 148 KB)

Executive DE&I Council

Inclusion & Belonging Council

DE&I our leaders - statement, exec account, inclusive leadership


Our leaders

At MSCI, we envision a workplace where ideas have no bounds. We know that an engaged workforce results in better performance and increased shareholder value. Our leaders are accountable for our DE&I agenda and fully committed to creating measurable and sustainable change.


Executive Accountability Framework

We developed an Executive Accountability Framework (EAF) to establish the philosophy and process to assess each managing director’s progress against DE&I goals and overall DE&I performance, considering specific goals set by each managing director at the beginning of the year.

The EAF stresses that creating an inclusive environment is as important as improving diverse representation; therefore, managing directors are assessed on their qualitative and quantitative results with a range of potential outcomes, including those relating to talent development, retention, hiring practices and engagement. In addition, leaders are assessed as to whether they consistently display inclusive leadership behaviors and drive activity that fosters an inclusive environment.


Inclusive leadership

DE&I is not just about increasing our diverse population, but about ensuring that we create the right environment for all people, including diverse people, to thrive. We coach our managers to be inclusive leaders – to be aware of their biases, determined to address them, open to collaboration, and committed to building an equitable workplace where all employees feel like they belong. Diverse talent thrives in inclusive cultures, and when diversity thrives, everyone benefits.

DE&I our leaders - behaviors

Inclusive leadership behaviors

  • Act with humanity

    Demonstrate social and self awareness and cross-cultural understanding

  • Manage performance

    Drive performance in areas such as innovation; create teams that have complementary skills, opinions, capabilities and backgrounds

  • Coach, mentor and develop diverse teams

    Scale impact, support the development of trusting networks, integrate diverse talent into your networks

  • Develop and sponsor diverse talent across firm

    Be intentional about sponsorship of diverse talent across the organization, outside of your immediate team

  • Treat all people with respect

    Encourage a culture where individuals can bring their authentic selves to work, actively attract, hire and develop diverse talent

  • Champion the firm's DE&I priorities

    Build adaptability and inclusion in your team with compassion and care, leveraging each team member's background and perspective is critical to achieving our goals

  • Foster trust and belonging

    Instil trust and a sense of belonging, create highly collaborative teams where people are confident to speak up, challenger assumptions and bring new and different ideas

DE&I our policies

Our policies

 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Global Human Rights Policy

Modern Slavery Statement

 Supplier Code of Conduct

Tia Counts quote

Tia Counts

Chief Responsibility and Chief Diversity Officer

"When we recognize the contributions of all our people and welcome a diversity of views, experiences and identities, we bring out the best in each other and gain valuable insights into our clients' needs. At MSCI, we're creating a workplace where our colleagues can focus on serving our clients while building a career they will always be proud of."
Tia Counts' headshot

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DE&I Footnotes

  • 1 Data as of December 31, 2022.
  • 2 4% of global employees have not identified gender and are not included in the data calculations.
  • 3 14% of U.S. employees have not identified race/ethnicity and are not included in the data calculations.