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Sustainability and Climate Trends to Watch for 2024

The widespread adoption of AI is reshaping our work landscape. Issues like forced labor and deforestation are suddenly turning up as regulatory risks. What else might 2024 bring?

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It has become clear over the last decade that environmental, social and governance risks are financial risks. What does that look like for the year ahead? The 2024 edition of MSCI’s Sustainability and Climate Trends to Watch (formerly ESG and Climate Trends to Watch) brings together the key questions that our global research team are asking, and offers thoughtful analyses and useful insights to help assess and navigate the investment landscape that lies ahead.

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The core trends that the report focuses on:

  • 1. Extreme weather hits home and work

  • 2. Spotlight on corporate oversight

  • 3. Managing AI

  • 4. Supply-chain due diligence

  • 5. Corporate climate disclosures

  • 6. The SFDR’s unintended consequences for emerging markets

  • 7. Private debt takes a seat at the climate-transition table

  • 8. Investing in nature

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