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The MSCI COLCAP Index, jointly created by MSCI and Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (bvc) is designed to represent the performance of the domestic Colombian equity market, and aims to include a minimum of 25 securities and 20 issuers based on free-float-adjusted market capitalization, liquidity and international investability criteria. Coinciding with MSCI’s May 2021 Index Review, the index is set to launch and replace the bvc COLCAP Index effective May 28, 2021.




Colcap Jan 2021


Jan 2021

The existing bvc COLCAP Index is rebalanced normally at the scheduled January rebalancing (no impact).


Colcap Mar 2021


Mar 2021

MSCI launched the MSCI COLCAP Provisional Index on March 29, 2021 ahead of the transition date to provide transparency.



Colcap Apr 2021


Apr 2021

In preparation for the transition, the existing bvc COLCAP Index will not be rebalanced in April.

Colcap May 2021


May 2021

The new MSCI COLCAP Index planned launch, replacing the existing bvc COLCAP Index coinciding with MSCI’s May 2021 Index Review.1

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1Additional technical details will be communicated subsequently.

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