Global Investing Trends: Looking Beyond North America

Jean-Maurice Ladure

October 21, 2020


The weight of North American companies in global equity markets is at an all-time high, representing over 60% of market capitalization in the MSCI ACWI Index. Meanwhile, companies within MSCI ACWI generated only 30% of global revenues from North America. Given that, global investing may offer opportunities to tap into more of the world’s potential economic growth.

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North America



Emerging Markets2

Market Capitalization3
Source of Revenues3
GDP Growth4

(Year on Year Avg)



Population North America: 366M


Population Europe: 414M


Population Pacific: 170M


Population Emerging Markets: 6649M


1. Represents Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand
2. Based on "Developing and emerging economies" for IMF GDP growth and World Bank Population dataset
3. Based on MSCI Economic Exposure dataset applied to MSCI ACWI Index
4. Source: IMF, Average annual GDP Growth 1999-2019
5. Source: World Bank, as of 2019

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