Thematic Investing Is a Global Phenomenon

Anil Rao

November 18, 2020


Thematic investing aims to help investors benefit from long-term structural, transformative trends. Currently, equity markets have high exposure to technology and lifestyle-oriented themes, such as the digital economy and millennials, as measured by MSCI's thematic exposure dataset.

The highest exposures are in North America, partly due to the trillion-dollar capitalizations of companies in the U.S. By number of high-exposure, pure-play firms, however, a wider opportunity set sits outside North America, particularly for COVID-related themes such as future mobility, smart cities, smart education and an aging society.


Interactive Assets

Regional Thematic Exposure

Geography of High Exposure Firms

Exposures represent the weighted average relevance score for each geographic region and are based on MSCI thematic scoring methodology.
High exposure firms are those in the top 5% by exposure to each theme across the MSCI ACWI universe.

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