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SEDOL Licensing Product Changes

London Stock Exchange ("LSE"), which owns the rights to SEDOL, has made it mandatory for all customers receiving SEDOL ("SEDOL codes") to have a license with LSE.

To address these new LSE licensing requirements, MSCI will need to make certain changes to security level files delivered directly to those clients that have not confirmed having a SEDOL license by April 1, 2016 to MSCI.

Client announcement is available here

Technical communication related to product changes can be found here

New files related to Standard products (list included in the excel file provided as part of technical communication) are delivered in parallel with legacy files since October 5, 2015. 

Sample files for MSCI Derived Indexes and Custom Index files with individual delivery are available below

Integrated Client File (ICF)

Market Open Index ICF

Single Index Market Open Index File