talent acquisition objectives


The team’s objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging, attracting and developing diverse candidates for all roles.
  • Building early career and intern pipeline programs with a focus on diversity (gender, ethnicity, LGBT+, socio economic, indigenous populations).
  • Establishing, managing and driving action through the BLN across MSCI.
  • Partnering with Talent Acquisition, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, the Executive Diversity and Employer Brand Councils, BLN & other ERGs to create engagement, dialogue and learning for employees.
  • Forging relationships to help educate, support and recruit students at HBCUs (US) and other institutions worldwide that demonstrate diversity and champion equality, inclusion and action.
  • Building relationships with external partners and media to position MSCI’s programs and opportunities to new networks.

As part of this effort, MSCI also currently partners and is building relationships with multiple external communities who support us in our outreach and engagement amongst minority talent. Organizations include:

  • Professional Diversity Network (PDN) in the US. PDN helps connect diverse professionals with employers through multiple recruitment solutions, including 40+ job boards which focus on Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and members of the LGBT+ community. All US open positions are posted on PDN.
  • Rare Recruitment in the UK. Rare is a specialist diversity recruitment company with expertise in graduate recruitment and development. Rare's mission is to help the best employers in the world build better workforces that also reflect society's diversity. Rare believes brilliant people can come from any ethnic, religious and social background and diversity and excellence go hand in hand. Rare candidates compete against everybody else for jobs – there are no special favors and no quotas.

The team not only creates a pipeline of diverse talent for MSCI but also ensures we are positioned more broadly as a leading organization that puts diversity, equality and inclusion at the center of its strategy. We are growing a culture that has highly competent, engaged, accountable, and diverse people at every level in every role. A diverse team is a stronger team and an important part of building our business.

In June, we began the best industry practice of removing bias from the hiring process by submitting blind resumes (resumes without the candidate name listed) to our hiring managers for their open positions.

MSCI also provides learning opportunities to advance diversity, equality and inclusion. Unconscious Bias training sessions on Inclusive Leadership are offered to every employee at MSCI with mandatory participation by our Managing Directors. Taught by a highly respected external consultant, the sessions focus on inclusive behaviors and recognizing insider and outsider mindsets.


I&D Focused Benefits Policies

Beyond offering a broad range of highly competitive benefits to our employees and their families, including same sex domestic partners, MSCI also promotes workplace safety and offers the following to enable employees to lead healthy and well-balanced lives:

  • Enhanced maternity and paternity leave policies including a Global Minimum Standard applicable to all offices' worldwide statutory requirements in countries where we operate. These standards meet or in many cases exceed the statutory requirements in countries where we operate.
  • Wellness rooms in all MSCI office locations, some of which have been designated as lactation rooms.

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