Climate, ESG and Impact Data Intro

To help clients take climate change, ESG and impact into account and invest better at every stage, MSCI ESG Research has teamed with some of the market’s most innovative third-party providers on a data ecosystem that complements our own.

Clients can leverage a variety of third-party data, APIs and applications available from MSCI to capture new insights, enhance their models and hone their investment strategies.

Our expanding ESG, climate and impact data ecosystem includes the following data providers:

Climate, ESG and Impact Data Components

  • GIST (Client Only)

    GIST is a pioneering data and analytics company that brings together world-renowned sustainability expertise with technology and big data to help investors and companies measure, value, and benchmark company impacts across all four capitals: Natural, Human, Social, and Financial.


    Available Dataset: Sustainable Development Goal Impact Assessment 

    GIST offers a dataset leveraging quantitative models to estimate the dollar value of impact per each Sustainable Development Goal.  GIST analyzes and quantifies the impacts of a company’s direct operations based on publicly available data.  GIST applies scientific and economic modelling to determine the size and cost of the impact (such as economic productivity loss, costs of illness, reduced life expectancy, etc.).

    Company and dataset description provided by GIST.

  • GeoQuant (Client Only)

    GeoQuant is a venture-backed technology company fusing political and computer science to measure and predict political risk with unprecedented accuracy. Their core technology is a proprietary suite of real-time indicators and predictive analytics.


    Available Dataset: ESG Geopolitical Risk 

    GeoQuant’s dataset fuses political and computer science to provide daily indicators and 2-year predictions on 40+ governance, social, security, and environmental risks across 127 countries. Through GeoQuant's “Human + Machine (AI)” model, large volumes of reputable data, news, and social media content are sorted to create intelligent algorithms that are further calibrated by a team of PhD political scientists and country-specific experts. This dataset is customizable by risk type, sector, and asset class, allowing investors the ability to integrate politics systematically for the first time.

    Company and dataset description provided by GeoQuant.

  • Elevate (Client Only)

    Elevate is the leader in sustainability and supply chain services globally. Elevate designs, builds and manages data driven sustainability linked programs with Assessment, Advisory, Program Management and Analytics that drive positive impact. They are committed to Business-Driven Sustainability.


    Available Dataset: ESG Supply Chain Risk 

    Elevate’s Supply Chain ESG Risk Ratings aggregates data from its verified audit database to the country level.  The country risk assessment includes an overall score as well as 38 sub-scores organized under labor, health and safety, environment, business ethics and management systems. The product dataset includes risk assessments on the human rights vulnerabilities of workers and communities involved in the sourcing of a range of products by country.

    Company and dataset description provided by Elevate.


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