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Climate change is the single greatest challenge humankind has faced and its consequences are already all too apparent. The rise in climate disasters over the past two decades has led to the deaths of over 1.2 million people and affecting more than 4 billion people in total1.

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Our Call to Action

At MSCI, we believe that addressing the impacts of climate change will require the largest reconstruction of the global economy since the Industrial Revolution.

Capital markets are an essential and critical force to drive the transition to net-zero with concerted action from all participants, ranging from a reallocation of capital by asset owners, to effective channeling of funds by asset managers and banks to greener investments and innovation. Companies have a fundamental responsibility to reduce their impact on the planet and join the journey to a decarbonized economy.

The time to act is now. We urgently call on all capital-markets participants to play a vital role in the net-zero revolution to keep global temperature rise well below 2oC.

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MSCI’s Net-Zero Commitment

We believe that we should conduct MSCI’s business in line with the expectations we have asked of others, upholding the same high standards. We want to lead by example.

To achieve this goal throughout MSCI’s global operations, MSCI has committed to achieve net-zero emissions before 2040.

Getting to net-zero reflects our goal of taking meaningful action to make climate considerations part of our strategy, operations and culture now and for years and decades to come. It builds on MSCI’s Principles of Sustainable Investing, which sound the alarm to global investors that a convergence of environmental, social and governance factors will impact the pricing of financial assets and precipitate a large-scale reallocation of capital.

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1There are varying definitions of net-zero. We use the definition adopted by the 2015 Paris Agreement, which requires greenhouse-gas emissions to be balanced with an equivalent amount of carbon removal.