QSE 20 ESG Index Intro

What is the MSCI QSE 20 ESG Index?

MSCI has collaborated with the Qatar Stock Exchange to create the MSCI QSE 20 ESG Index to address the growing demand for Sustainable investment tools in the Qatar equity market. The MSCI QSE 20 ESG Index is designed to represent the performance of the top 20 securities within the MSCI Qatar IMI that demonstrate the best Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) profile.

The MSCI QSE 20 ESG Index methodology uses a ‘tilt’ approach to index weightings based on MSCI ESG Rating (AAA through CCC) and MSCI ESG Rating Trend (i.e., is a company improving its rating). A company’s weight is capped according to its weight in the MSCI Qatar IMI Index.

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