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Private real estate often demands an understanding of the complex intersection of a range of different risk factors in order to generate returns. For more than 40 years we have been collecting data from investors across +30 countries / regions and have created one of the most extensive private real estate databases in the world, MSCI Real Assets Index Intel.

Our solution measures performance and the different elements that drive returns to help you make informed investment decisions. It is used by institutional investors, asset managers, banks, custodians and investment consultants to drive allocation decisions, research & strategy developments, and portfolio and risk management.

Index Intel covers more than $2 trillion in private real estate assets in over more than 1400 cities. With more than 90 MSCI property / fund / private assets indexes and 100 comparable measures, this powerhouse of over 60,000 properties globally drives our suite of analytical solutions and enables you to evaluate risk and opportunities that may help inform your investment strategy. It is designed to provide insights into real estate data that are consistent and comparable, robust and tailorable, and objective.

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Consistent and comparable

  • Consistent and Comparable

  • We have a consistent methodology across all markets we operate in. Index Intel encompasses more than 100 comparable measures globally, providing like-for-like comparisons across different geographies and property types. Whether you are looking to determine how your strategy is positioned from market to market, trying to understand how you are performing relative to the market as a whole, or you want to assess your historical performance in the context of future trends, Index Intel is designed to help you.
  • Robust and tailorable

  • Index Intel is built on the key performance indicators of assets of private real estate investments. True performance data is collected from investors on their assets. The information is reviewed by our specialists to ensure high data quality delivered through our platform. We preserve the specific characteristics of different markets across the world, while maintaining underlying consistency. You can analyze data across multiple segments or custom build dataset that meets your needs. It allows you to not only to understand what’s happened in the market, but also why. You can create an analysis to test an assumption, refresh it, adapt it and save different versions of it, so you can spend more time learning from it and ultimately adding value to your investment decision-making.


Assemble data

Assemble data


  • Tailor your analysis

  • Accessed via the MSCI Real Assets Analytics Portal or direct to your systems by our API functionality, Index Intel supports high-level total performance evaluation as well as detailed custom analysis of your entire real estate world. Choose multiple segmentations and measures to run more focused analysis which are in line with your needs.
  • Data visualization

  • Choose from different data visualization options to analyze and compare market, segment and measures such as capital growth, income return, total return. Save your analysis on the portal or export them in your preferred file type including Excel, CSV and EDS flat file.
  • Leverage our MSCI private real assets index suite

  • We have developed global, regional and country indexes across 32 countries for 40 years. These indexes aim to give you a consistent view of the financial and operating performance of private real estate markets across various types of vehicle structures, from asset to fund level. View our interactive index heatmap to explore our range of indexes further.
  • Our research team is here to assist you

  • Our research team is constantly analyzing our data alongside market trends to provide you the most up-to-date insights on the market. All blogs and research papers are available here. And you can also get in touch with our research team directly with your questions. 


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