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This is the first myth in a new series debunking five common real estate myths. By challenging these myths we hope to provide clarity to enable you to make better real estate investment decisions.

COVID-19 has created a challenging environment for investors and now, more than ever, you can’t be short-sighted when considering the many possibilities for risk in real estate. By looking at both the top-down macro risk analysis and bottom-up specific risk analysis at the asset level, we can give you the best view in the house. We can support with:

Income and Risk Analysis

Income and Risk Analysis

Uncertain times require a deeper understanding of income streams in your property portfolio. MSCI Real Estate’s Income & Risk Service allows you to drill deep into concentration, leasing and counterparty credit risk enabling you to manage forward looking risk.

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Enterprise analytics

Portfolio Risk Exposure

Having a single view across your entire investment world, to understand performance, risk and exposure is fundamental to driving better decision making. With enhanced analytics you can make appropriate strategic choices at portfolio level to determine sector and geographic exposure as well as vehicle level characteristics, or economic risks.

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Real estate in a multi-asset class portfolio

Real Estate in a Multi-Asset Class Portfolio

As real estate becomes a larger part of multi-asset class portfolios, consistent and comprehensive risk modelling is an analytical challenge. Our multi-asset class analytics platform enables investors to use its risk forecasting model together in an integrated fashion.

Real Estate Myths Debunked: Managing risk in commercial real estate

Real Estate Myths Debunked: Managing Risk in Commercial Real Estate

From the multi-asset class context to the market, portfolio, asset and tenant level, investors are changing the way they look at real estate risk.

Real estate is a challenging asset class for risk management because of its complexities and multiple levels of risk. Nevertheless, with a growing body of research into real estate risk and improved data availability, asset managers and owners should be able to make significant strides in strengthening risk management through their investment process.

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