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This is the third myth in our series debunking five industry myths. By challenging these myths, we hope to provide clarity to enable you to make better real estate investment decisions.

Our expertise isn’t just about return numbers and benchmarks. Our analytical solutions, backed by our real data from real investors, differentiated content and dedicated teams are geared towards adding value and keeping you ahead at every stage of the investment cycle.

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Backed by 18.5 years* of transparent quality data and expertise across sectors and markets, from longer reports to digestible blogs - our research is leading the way. Over the last few months we have also turned our focus to produce analysis related to the market implications of the COVID-19 pandemic across asset classes.

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We lead in providing real estate investment tools to investors worldwide, delivering critical business intelligence with our extensive suite of unique products which include portfolio analytics, global real estate database and climate value-at-risk models.

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We host a range of events globally, on everything from performance and risk to showcasing our research. At this time, we’re hosting live and recorded webinars, which are open for registration now.

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* Based on 2019 year-end figures of MSCI Real Estate