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Women on Boards: 2020 Progress Report

Nov 30, 2020 MILHOMEM Christina

MSCI ESG Research has reported annually on the state of women’s representation on corporate boards since 2009. In 2020, we saw a noticeable slowdown in the rate of increase for female representation on boards, up only 0.6 percentage points.


Investor Reaction to US Elections and COVID-Vaccine Progress

Nov 18, 2020 Dimitris Melas, David Lunsford, Andy Sparks

To gauge investor expectations after Joe Biden was declared winner of the U.S. election and good news broke about COVID vaccines, we surveyed 151 U.S.-based financial advisers. We examine the advisers’ views on the next 12 months and markets’ reaction since Election Day.

Research Paper

Foundations of ESG Investing in Corporate Bonds

Nov 11, 2020 MENDIRATTA Rohit, VARSANI Hitendra, GIESE Guido

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a very broad field with many different investment approaches addressing various investment objectives across asset classes. While there are many studies relating to ESG in equities, the risk assessment of ESG considerations within fixed income may be equally if not more important. 

Research Paper

Managing Portfolios in a Low-Rates Age

Nov 9, 2020 ALIGHANBARI Mehdi, JAIN Arihant

Lower fixed-income returns have led some insurance companies to revise asset allocations. While equities can potentially increase performance, returns have been more volatile, even over longer horizons — and insurers may have limitations on equity allocations. Is there an efficient way for insurers to include equities, as well as ESG-aware investments in their investment strategy?


Zombies on Board: Investors Face the Walking Dead

Oct 28, 2020 Ric Marshall

Investors may think that zombies live only in people’s imaginations, but these brain-munching monsters can haunt corporate boardrooms for years, eating away at a fundamental shareholder right: the right to duly elected representation.

Research Paper

Aligning Portfolios with the Paris Agreement

Oct 26, 2020 DOOLE Stuart, NEERAJ Kumar, MENOU Veronique

The pressure on institutional investors to act on climate change and demonstrate its influence on their decision-making and portfolio construction continues to grow. Increasingly, the focus is on the alignment of client investment strategies with the decarbonization 


Aligning with the Paris Agreement: An Index Approach

Oct 22, 2020 Stuart Doole, Véronique Menou, Kumar Neeraj

Institutional investors are under pressure to align their strategies with a maximum global temperature increase of 1.5oC as targeted by the Paris Agreement. We examine how they can approach this while respecting other investment constraints.


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Source: https://www.unepfi.org/news/industries/investment/changing-course-unep-fi-and-twenty-institutional-investors-launch-new-guidance-for-implementing-tcfd/






Foundations of ESG investing

Foundations of ESG investing

How ESG integration has affected benchmarks and index-based, factor and active portfolios.

Introducing MSCI ESG fund ratings

Introducing MSCI ESG fund ratings

We’ve introduced ratings for 32,000 funds, helping clients understand the resiliency of portfolios to ESG risk and opportunities.



The latest ESG news and research, from climate change to corporate action, in this weekly podcast.