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MSCI launches High Yield Fixed Income Climate Paris Aligned Indexes

MSCI is pleased to announce the launch of High Yield Fixed Income Climate Paris Aligned Indexes to help investors implement net-zero strategies in their portfolios. The indexes are designed to minimize the exposure to the physical and transition risks of climate change and increase target exposure to sustainable investment opportunities.

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US Midterm Elections from an Equities Perspective

Nov 3, 2022 Abhishek Gupta, Román Mendoza

Leading up to and including Nov. 8, Americans will vote for 35 Senate and all 435 of the voting House seats.


Looking Beyond Japan to Understand Risks to the Yen

Sep 15, 2022 Michael Hayes, Tamas Hanis

By remaining steadfast in its commitment to zero yields, the Bank of Japan may have sacrificed the ability to control its own destiny. 



Sep 15, 2022 Michael Hayes, Tamas Hanis
Research Report

MSCI Fixed Income Factor Model

Aug 18, 2022 Shepard Peter
Research Report

An Artificial Intelligence-Based Industry Peer Grouping System

Jul 15, 2022 BONNE George, WANG Xinxin, ZANGARI Peter, ZHANG Howard

In this article published in the Journal of Financial Data Science, coauthors from MSCI and MIT develop and describe a data-driven system using AI tools to capture market perception and, in turn, group companies into peer clusters.

Research Report

Liquidity Risk Monitor Report Q2 2022

Jul 12, 2022 MSCI Research

Download the special report highlighting key liquidity indicators from the Russia-Ukraine War.


Markets in Focus: Half-Time – Keeping it Real and Defensive

Jun 30, 2022 Waman Virgaonkar, Hitendra D Varsani

It was a challenging market environment in the second quarter. We take a closer look at real assets, defensive sectors and factor indexes as investors navigate what might be a prolonged period of volatility and uncertainty.


Chinese High-Yield Corporate Bonds Under Pressure

Jun 30, 2022 Daniel F. Molnar

Bonds from Chinese property developers have come under severe distress, and the latest wave of COVID-19 lockdowns have had a heavy impact on China’s economy. How has the country’s corporate-bond market responded?

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