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MSCI launches High Yield Fixed Income Climate Paris Aligned Indexes

MSCI is pleased to announce the launch of High Yield Fixed Income Climate Paris Aligned Indexes to help investors implement net-zero strategies in their portfolios. The indexes are designed to minimize the exposure to the physical and transition risks of climate change and increase target exposure to sustainable investment opportunities.

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A New Era for the Bank of Japan?

Mar 15, 2023 Naoya Nishimura

Haruhiko Kuroda is stepping down after a decade as governor of the Bank of Japan, and the soon-to-be-appointed Kazuo Ueda has the potential to shake things up. What could the new regime mean for investors?


Will the US Government Default?

Mar 2, 2023 Andras Rokob, Andy Sparks

The debt-ceiling debate has heated up in Congress, and the U.S. government’s ability to borrow could be exhausted sometime between July and September. But what does the market for credit-default swaps say about the likelihood of U.S. default?


Global Markets One Year After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Feb 21, 2023 Ashish Lodh, Andy Sparks, Tom Leahy, Elchin Mammadov

Markets have partially recovered since Russia invaded Ukraine, but questions remain about inflation, economic growth and central banks’ actions. Understanding last year’s performance across asset classes, may help with investment decisions in 2023.


Four Scenarios for 2023: Navigating Uncertainty

Feb 2, 2023 Thomas Verbraken, Will Baker

The macroeconomic landscape for 2023 is shrouded in uncertainty following a tumultuous 2022. We consider four scenarios for growth, rates and inflation and gauge their potential impact on a portfolio of global equities and U.S. bonds.

Research Report

Value’s Lost Decade

Feb 1, 2023 Alighanbari Mehdi, KATIYAR Saurabh, VIRGAONKAR Waman, JAIN Arihant

Value rebounded in 2021, after more than a decade of lackluster performance. No matter what the expectation going forward, there are useful lessons to be learned from value strategies’ behavior over the past two decades.


What Would the SEC’s Liquidity Proposal Mean for Equity Funds?

Jan 27, 2023 Daniel F. Molnar, Laszlo Hollo

The SEC recently proposed amendments to the liquidity classification of open-end investment funds, aimed at standardizing reporting practices. But under the proposed approach, many large equity funds could exceed regulatory limits.


Has Liquidity Dried Up in Private Equity?

Dec 7, 2022 Yang Liu, Andrew DeMond

Investors who commit capital to private-asset funds must provide money when the fund managers buy portfolio companies, but receive it back only when the managers sell. The uncertain timing and size of these cash flows demand careful liquidity management.

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