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Episode 137 - The ESG Weekly: No Change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Episode 136 - The ESG Weekly: ExxonMobil Loses Two Board Seats

Episode 135 - The ESG Weekly: Telecoms in Myanmar and Powerships in South Africa

Episode 134 - The ESG Weekly: Modern Slavery and Native Americans & Mining

Episode 133 - The ESG Weekly: SPECIAL Proxy Season Episode

Episode 132 - The ESG Weekly: India's COVID‐19 Maelstrom and the Fine Print of NDCs

Episode 131 - The ESG Weekly BONUS: Still waiting for ESG to strut its stuff at the earnings call? 2021 may be a turning point

Episode 130 - The ESG Weekly: Earth Day For the Capital Markets and China

Episode 129 - The ESG Weekly: A Union at Amazon and France Bnas Flights

Episode 128 - The ESG Weekly: Opioids Rage During COVID-19 and Politics in Georgia

Episode 127 - The ESG Weekly: The ESG of Marine Shipping and Shadow Investing‬

Episode 126 - The ESG Weekly: Hydrogen and Heavy Industry

Episode 125 - The ESG Weekly: Online Education in China and Antibiotics in Fast Food

Episode 124 - The ESG Weekly: Women Reduce Emissions and Voices from Hom‪e‬s

Episode 123 - The ESG Weekly: The Pay is Very High and Oil Spills on Rig‪s‬‬‬

Episode 122 - The ESG Weekly: Sustainability‐Linked Bonds Hit the Scene and Amazon Gets a New Executive Chair‬‬

Episode 121 - The ESG Weekly: Energy Grid Resiliency and GM's EV Pus‪h‬‬

Episode 120 - The ESG Weekly: National interests trump shareholders as French government blocks Carrefour acquisition and Exxon inches forward on climate‬

Episode 119 - The ESG Weekly: Nuclear is Back in Japan and Apple v Faceboo‪k‬

Episode 118 - The ESG Weekly: Another Larry Fink Letter and Market Concentration

Episode 117 - The ESG Weekly: Disenfranchised Shareholders and ESG at Banks

Episode 116 - The ESG Weekly: Vaccine Distribution and Artic Oil Sales

Episode 115 - Holiday Special: Santa's daunting carbon footprint, everlasting energy for Hannukah and an inspirational new food lands just in time for Kwanzaa

Episode 114 - The ESG Weekly: Water Futures and Diversity at Nasdaq

Episode 113 - The ESG Weekly: Investors are Mad at Exxon, and Execs are Mad at Shell

Episode 112 - The ESG Weekly: COVID‐19 vaccines peer out the lab door at the big, wide world and worker wellbeing gets squeezed in competitive South Korean logistics market

Episode 111 - The ESG Weekly: Facebook and The Downgrade

Episode 110 - The ESG Weekly: Joe Biden and the Climate

Episode 109 - The ESG Weekly: Leadership and Interconnectivity

Episode 108 - The ESG Weekly: Roundtable with Companies on Diversity, and the DOJ's Lawsuit Against Google

Episode 107 - A zombie in the boardroom? Putting the ‘spooky’ back in ESG

Episode 106 - The ESG Weekly: Health care and unemployment, and the largest COVID bond ever

Episode 105 -The ESG Weekly: Pandemics breed contradictions, and racial diversity data during proxy season

Episode 104 - The ESG Weekly: Japan is not counting votes, and GE gets served

Episode 103 - The ESG Weekly: Biodiversity Risks, and the Largest IPO Ever

Episode 102 - The ESG Weekly: The carbon plans of tech, and the FinCEN Files

Episode 101 - ESG Spotlight: Climate Scenario Analysis in the Financial Sector

Episode 100 - The ESG Weekly: The Business of Disaster, and Apple's E‐Waste Problem

Episode 99 - The ESG Weekly: COVID‐19 pushes the world into an awkward middle ground, and we revisit the quandary of fake news

Episode 98 - The ESG Weekly: Hurricane Laura wreaks havoc, Rio Tinto atones for damaging aboriginal heritage site and Microsoft mulls Tik Tok acquisition

Episode 97 - How human capital and corporate culture have evolved due to COVID‐19

Episode 96 - The ESG Weekly: Uber and Lyft drivers are now employees, and McDonald's sues it former CEO

Episode 95 - The ESG Weekly: Companies say HVAC systems are the answer to COVID‐19, and social bonds overtake green bonds

Episode 94 - The ESG Weekly: We can measure a country's ESG risk, and Nike fires its diversity chief

Episode 93 - The ESG Weekly: Airlines are bailed out by ESG, and people are sanctioned with companies

Episode 92 - The ESG Weekly: Rewarding CEOs for being good, and immigrants develop a lot of our technology

Episode 91 - The ESG Weekly: Pipelines are OVER and are drug prices too high

Episode 90 - The ESG Weekly: The importance of scope 3 emissions and the Facebook boycott

Episode 89 - The ESG Weekly: Wirecard collapse exposes lack of proper governance

Episode 88 - The ESG Weekly: As Norilsk counts the cost of a diesel spill in the arctic, thawing permafrost sounds a cautionary tale

Episode 87 - The ESG Weekly: Racial diversity data, contractor safety at construction companies during COVID‐19

Episode 86 - ESG Spotlight: Looking at externally managed companies through a freshly polished lens

Episode 85 - The ESG Weekly: Twitter curates content but Facebook does not, there are some companies cutting carbon

Episode 84 - The ESG Weekly: Dam failure floods a Dow Chemical complex threatening toxic sites, the physical risk of climate change

Episode 83 - The ESG Weekly: The ESG of vaccines, and shareholders say JPM must talk climate

Episode 82 - The ESG Weekly: Safety at airports, biofuel bailouts, and EU Taxonomy

Episode 81 - ESG Spotlight: Oil, gas, and the small matter of an energy transition

Episode 80 - The ESG Weekly: Medical tourism and meat‐packers take a COVID‐19‐sized hit and warning bells ring over deforestation pledges

Episode 79 - The ESG Weekly: Investors are worrying about the wrong workplace safety measures, green buildings are healthier during pandemics, and what it is like to be in China right now

Episode 78 - The ESG Weekly: Banks and recessions, Bayer calls a virtual meeting, and COVID‐19 is spreading in Japan

Episode 77 - ESG Spotlight: Understanding indexes and ESG as COVID-19 tightens the screws

Episode 76 - The ESG Weekly: COVID‐19 in private prisons, companies troubled in France, and investor sentiments on COVID

Episode 75 - The ESG Weekly: Carbon emissions and pandemics, then we discuss how drugs are rushed forward:

Episode 74 - Re-valuing real estate: investing in the eye of the hurricane

Episode 73 - The ESG Weekly: How are companies considering ESG factors during the coronavirus pandemic?

Episode 72 - The ESG Weekly: Can bonds save us from the coronavirus? And old folks on boards

Episode 71 - The ESG Weekly: The ESG Weekly: Industries look to survive, adapt or capitalize as the Coronavirus marches on

Episode 70 - The ESG Weekly: COVID‐2019 is a bellwether for investors on structural risks in companies, and the oil price wars get weirder

Episode 69 - The ESG Weekly: Drug shortages and the coronavirus, from whence your drugs came

Episode 68 - The ESG Weekly: The victims of Camp Fire 2018 are now owners of PG&E, the company that caused the wildfires

Episode 67 - The ESG Weekly: BP is going green and Japan decides the more coal the better for the week of February 17

Episode 66 - The ESG Weekly: Does the 2019 Novel Coronavirus have any place in an ESG conversation? And the EU doubts the use of ESG ratings for the week of February 10

Episode 65 - The ESG Weekly: Stakeholders are not happy about Siemens' coal by association for the week of February 3

Episode 64 - The ESG Weekly: Companies cannot please everyone, and how are tech companies and oil companies connected for the week of January 27

Episode 63 - The ESG Weekly: Indigenous inclusion and carbon offsets can go hand-in-hand, for the week of January 20

Episode 62 - The ESG Weekly: Investors and world leaders are finally freaking out about the climate crisis, and a new regulation in California might change how big tech can use consumer data, all for the week of January 13

Episode 61 - The ESG Weekly: Wildfire in Australia poses problems for all, and a quick take on how we learned to stop worrying and love social media for the 2020 election, all for the week of January 6

Episode 60 - The ESG Weekly:Diversity data matters more for investors than financial metrics can show, and Ric Marshall gives a hot take on the decision by Boeing to halt production of the 737 Max for the week of December 16

Episode 59 - The ESG Weekly: Carbon emissions keep rising for EU automakers as people continue to buy SUVs, and two hot takes on Drax's net-negative carbon plan and Exxon's technical exoneration for the week of December 9

Episode 58 - Is Hacking Just An Evil Supervillain Trope, Or Something Investors Should Be Prepared For?

Episode 57 - The ESG Weekly: As the precarious work arrangements grow, investors might need to look at how companies control a workforce they don't claim as their own, and then two hot takes on Google's shakeup and coal's uninsurability for the week of December 2

Episode 56 - The ESG Weekly: Should investors care about antibiotic resistance? And only a handful of companies are preventing a deforestation‐free supply chain for the week of November 18

Episode 55 - The ESG Weekly: Are wild and crazy founders really such a big deal for investors? And the streaming race is on for the week of November 11

Episode 54 -The ESG Weekly: The SEC is putting a gag order onto shareholders, and two spicy takes on Boeing and Saudi Aramco for the week of November 4

Episode 53 - The Most Important Thing An Investor Should Know About Private Prisons: Who Do They Care About?

Episode 52 - The ESG Weekly: The case against Exxon might change how companies disclose about their climate woes, and the seas are rising up to consume us all for the week of October 28

Episode 51 - The ESG Weekly: How should shareholders deal with Zuckerberg ? And Intel plans to release gender and race pay data for the week of October 21

Episode 50 - The ESG Weekly: South Africa's largest utility cannot abide, and a quick update on private prisons for the Week of October 14

Episode 49 - The ESG Weekly: Companies are Hard to Trust When They Lie, And Labor Shortages Cause Concern for the Week of October 7

Episode 48 - The ESG Weekly: The Bosses Are Getting Too Much For Too Little, and Climate Change Is Coming For Your Real Estate for the Week of September 30

Episode 47 - The ESG Weekly: Which shareholder action tool is best? And Thomas Cook collapses into liquidation for the Week of September 23

Episode 46 - The gig economy has split the workforce

Episode 45 - The ESG Weekly: UAW Union Strikes at GM, and Australia Picks Health Over Coal for the Week of September 16

Episode 44 - The ESG Weekly: EDF Finds Faults in its Nuclear Plants, and Contract Workers are Employees for the Week of September 9

Episode 43 - The ESG Weekly: Data privacy and advertising don't mix, and glyphosate is banned again for the Week of August 26

Episode 42 - The ESG Weekly: Johnson & Johnson's Brand and Opioids, and the Fashion Industry Makes Another Coalition for the Week of August 26

Episode 41 - The ESG Weekly: Singapore will track societal health with Fitbit, and shareholders no longer matter for the Week of August 19

Episode 40 - The hidden cost of cement

Episode 39 - The ESG Weekly: Plastics and Fossil Fuel get more cozy, and two rapid fire takes on WeWork and Disclosures for the Week of August 12

Episode 38 - The ESG Weekly: Walmart's CEO gets called out in the gun debate, and L Brands' CMO resigns amid company turmoil on the Week of August 5

Episode 37 - The ESG Weekly: Capital One: Who's in your wallet? And NGOs call Cargill the worst company in the world on the Week of July 22

Episode 36 - The ESG Weekly: Equifax is fined a record USD$800 million after its 2017 data breach, and subprime auto loans area threaten both the auto industry and drivers on the Week of July 22

Episode 35: The ESG Weekly: Water is Bigger in Texas and My Brand, My Ideology on the Week of July 15

Episode 34 - The ESG Weekly: Vedanta is a Mine Short and Direct Listing is the New Black on the Week of July 8

Episode 33: The ESG Weekly: Tesla Delivers Cars and Wayfair's Labor Problem on the Week of July 1

Episode 32 - The ESG Weekly: San Fran's E-Cigarette Ban and Chicken Collusion on the Week of June 25

Episode 31: Tomorrow's Labor Solution Is... Unions?

Episode 30 - The ESG Weekly: Facebook's Libra and the Trans Mountain Pipeline on the Week of June 17

Episode 29 - The ESG Weekly: Raytheon/UTC and Ocado's Vertical Farm Play on the Week of June 10

Episode 28 - The ESG Weekly: Corruption in China and Health Care Equipment on the Week of June 3

Episode 27 - The ESG Weekly: Renault/Fiat and Malaysia Just Says "No" to Your Recycling on the Week of May 27

Episode 26 - The ESG Weekly: McDonald's #MeToo moment and's Bitcoin play on the Week of May 20

Episode 25 - The ESG Weekly: Is There an ESG Angle on Trade Wars, and Amazon's Four-Legged Stool on the Week of May 13

Episode 24 - The ESG Weekly: Is It Disruption Week? Swine Fever and iBuying on the Week of May 6

Episode 23: The ESG Weekly: Is It Disruption Week? Swine Fever and iBuying on the Week of May 6

Episode 22 - the problems with ESG

Episode 21: The ESG Weekly: Umicore and the Cobalt Problem on the Weeky of April 22

Episode 20 - The ESG Weekly: Amazon Employees Form a (Shareholder) Union and Jack Ma's 996 Blessing on the Week of April 15

Episode 19 - The ESG Weekly: Disclosure is the Thing for Saudi Aramco and Social Media Becoming Tobacco on the Week of April 10

Episode 18 - The ESG Weekly: Im(possible?) Burgers and Wells Fargo CEO Search on the Week of April 1

Episode 17 - The ESG Weekly: McDonald's AI play and Purdue settles on the Week of March 25

Episode 16 - The ESG Weekly: Paul Ryan and Robots on the Week of March 17

Episode 15 - Leadership Crisis, or Crisis in Influence?

Episode 14 - The ESG Weekly: Week of March 10

Episode 13 - The ESG Weekly: Week of March 3

Episode 12 - Who Pays for Corruption?


Episode 10 - Halloween is a Time for Zombies, Ghosts, and Frankenstein

Episode 09 - A Short History of ESG: Part II

Episode 08 - A Short History of ESG: Part I

Episode 07 - Join the Gang: Climate Edition

Episode 06 - The Privacy of Things

Episode 05 - When Genius Meets Governance

Episode 04 - Back to School Special: Student Debt, Consumer Finance, and Robots

Episode 03 - Indra Nooyi, and Why Diversity of Management Matters

EPISODE 02 - Where should we even start?

Episode 01 - Welcome to the MSCI ESG Research Podcast, ESG Now


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