Southeast Asia, whose nations are members of the regional organization known as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), has flourished over the past decade with abundant opportunities. It is quickly becoming a standalone investment opportunity set. MSCI is poised to help institutional investors as they incorporate this into their investment process. As a first step, we have rebranded our Southeast Asian index offering to the MSCI ASEAN Indexes. The ASEAN Secretariat, which coordinates stakeholder collaboration in realizing the purposes and principles of ASEAN as reflected in the ASEAN Charter, has granted MSCI the right to use the ASEAN designation in conjunction with the company’s index offering.

The ASEAN designation was previously not utilized by MSCI for the flagship indexes relating to the region. The MSCI Southeast Asia Indexes referred specifically to the combined, regional Developed and Emerging Markets opportunity set. Our new MSCI ASEAN Indexes cover Developed, Emerging, and Frontier Markets with clear designations for various combinations of  these three components to meet client demands.

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The rights for rebranding has been granted to MSCI by the ASEAN Secretariate.