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Insurers are increasingly recognizing the importance of assessing climate risk across all aspects of the business. Whether accurately accounting for risk in underwriting, evaluating the impact of extreme weather hazards, safeguarding long-term investments or meeting expanding regulatory and stakeholder demands, you face complex challenges amid rising temperatures and the transition to a low-carbon future.

We aim to help you navigate this shifting terrain as you work to build resilience in your business for the decades ahead. We are a climate solutions provider to insurers around the world and understand the challenges you face. Our data, tools and insights are designed to help you integrate climate considerations across your business to better manage risk and meet your commitments with clarity, speed and precision.

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How do I measure climate risk in my investment portfolio?

Learn how to assess the carbon risk of your portfolio to set a baseline for future action

How we support - Insurance Companies

How we support insurance companies

  • Measure and manage climate risk

    • Assess the financial impact of physical and transition risk across assets and liabilities with our Climate Value-at-Risk, stress testing and scenario analysis
    • Manage climate risk using powerful analytics, forecasting and visualizations at the single asset, portfolio or aggregated level with our Climate Lab Enterprise
    • Get a complete picture of financed emissions across asset classes – listed and unlisted, fixed income and equity – meeting all relevant NAIC and EIOPA requirements with our Total Portfolio Footprinting tool
  • Prepare for evolving regulations

    • Keep pace with EU rules such as SFDR and emerging regulations worldwide with our Sustainable Finance Solutions
    • Integrate climate risk into your Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) and navigate the evolving prudential disclosures of Solvency II and IDD
    • Seamlessly gather information you need for TCFD reporting including climate risk dashboards and scenario analysis
  • Achieve sustainability goals

    • Establish your baseline, set goals and develop a sustainability action plan with our biodiversity and climate metrics
    • Benchmark and track progress against your own targets and those of the wider insurance industry
    • Develop a climate-linked investment strategy for the general account leveraging our multi-asset equity and fixed income climate investing solutions

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Why - Insurance Companies


  • Climate expertise

    Our Climate Risk Center and army of more than 550 climate scientists, ESG data analysts and risk management specialists firmwide offer deep knowledge in analyzing climate-related data and developing actionable insights.

  • Extensive, high-quality data sets

    We gather data from trusted sources worldwide, expanding coverage across asset classes and leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning techniques with the goal of accuracy and reliability.

  • Advanced decision-support tools

    From interactive visualizations to advanced modeling to custom reporting frameworks, our tools provide you with the means to explore various scenarios, assess potential impacts, and quantify risks accurately.

  • Client Collaboration

    We work closely with insurance companies to understand their unique needs, challenges and goals. Our team of experts collaborates with you, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout your climate change journey.

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