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MSCI Analytics wins Chartis and Risk Magazine top awards

MSCI has ticked up two places, to third overall, in the latest annual ranking by Chartis of the top 100 risk technology providers in the world.

MSCI also was named Buy-Side Market Risk Technology Platform of the Year by Risk Magazine, which cited the comprehensiveness of MSCI’s multi-asset class risk platform and macroeconomic stress testing capabilities as factors in its decision.


A Chartis category leader

In the rankings by Chartis, a U.K.-based firm that analyzes systems, applications, providers and trends in the risk technology marketplace, MSCI took top honors as best provider of risk management for buy-side investors and as category leader in risk as a service. The designations market the [second] consecutive year that MSCI has earned both a top-five ranking and category leadership for investors on the buy side.

According to Chartis, buy-side investors increasingly view risk management for its ability to make them more competitive, with processes that enhance investment strategies, diversify risk and create a platform for managing market, credit and liquidity risk. Adoption of risk as a service continues to grow among buy-side investors, who opt for such offerings and cloud solutions and managed services and with full outsourcing as an alternative to solutions created in house.

“We are pleased to be recognized by both Chartis and Risk Magazine for the completeness of our offering and for factors such as innovation, customer satisfaction and strategy that set MSCI apart,” said Peter Zangari, MSCI’s global head of analytics. “The market for risk management is evolving as buy-side investors diversify strategies and asset classes, and continue to confront pressures from regulators and the bottom line.”

“The validation from both of these leading outlets underscores MSCI’s ability to address such needs with a range of capabilities that make our clients more competitive,” he added.

MSCI notched the highest scores for strategy (72%) and customer satisfaction (65%) among companies rated in the top 10 in the annual ranking by Chartis, which assesses the world’s leading companies in risk and compliance technology.

The ranking evaluates providers of risk technology based on five categories: functionality, core technology, market presence and innovation. In addition to industry-best scores for strategy and customer satisfaction, tied for tops in innovation with a score of 67%.

Rankings in the report reflect Chartis analysts’ expert opinions, along with research into market trends, participants, expenditure patterns and best practices based on data collected from January and September 2016.


Innovation in multi-asset class risk management, says Risk Magazine

The award from Risk Magazine recognizes innovation that allows institutional investors on the buy side to manage risk throughout the investment process from asset allocation to reporting.  

Innovations cited by Risk Magazine include MSCI’s RiskMetrics RiskManager platform, which integrates risk management, performance measurement and liquidity risk management across asset classes and analytical and reporting functions, as well as MSCI’s Private Assets Analytics Framework, which helps investors identify the main sources of risk in assets such as private equity and commercial real estate as part of managing risk in a global, multi-asset class portfolio.

The publication also cited MSCI’s Macroeconomic Risk Model, which allows investors to evaluate and attribute the impact of macroeconomic scenarios of their own design on global multi-asset class portfolios. As noted by Risk Magazine, asset managers can access RiskManager in a range of ways that tie to the demands of their portfolios and can reduce the costs of ownership of systems.

“Increasingly we hear from asset managers who need a cohesive framework that incorporates risk management, performance measurement and liquidity risk management across asset classes and analytical and reporting functions,” Zangari added. “Our platform is built to handle their needs.”


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