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ESG Disclosures for Indexes pursuant to the EU Benchmark Regulation

As part of the European Union's Sustainable Finance package, the Benchmark Regulation has been amended to require benchmark administrators to publish specified ESG metrics for all EU regulated ESG indexes and to make certain ESG related disclosures in the methodologies for all EU regulated indexes.

MSCI is pleased to publish the metrics and the methodology disclosures for all EU regulated MSCI indexes, including MSCI ESG indexes and non-ESG indexes.

The ESG metrics for EU regulated indexes can be found through the search function below. Search by Index Name or Index Code, type the first four letters of the index name leaving out "MSCI" (e.g., for MSCI Emerging Markets Index, type in Emer) or the index code, wait for the list to appear, and select the index. The methodology disclosures can be found at

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Regulatory information


The ESG metrics and the methodology disclosures are based on the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/1816.

MSCI's Index Profile search tool utilizes data from MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI ESG Indexes utilize information from, but are not provided by, MSCI ESG Research LLC. MSCI Limited is the benchmark administrator for the MSCI Indexes under the EU Benchmark Regulation.


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