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MSCI in practice: Net-Zero series

In an effort to shift to a less carbon intensive global economy, governments and society are increasingly demanding a target of net zero emissions by 2050 and companies are announcing decarbonization or ‘net-zero’ commitments. Ultimately capital markets are an essential force to drive the transition to net-zero with concerted action from all participants, ranging from a reallocation of capital by asset owners, to effective channeling of funds by asset managers, insurers, and banks to greener investments and innovation.

In this introductory level In Practice Series focused on the journey to net zero, MSCI will both define and explore a variety of practical applications utilizing our data and tools once in the hands of the world’s leading financial institutions as they seek to tackle the issue of climate change on the road to net zero. Please select the session corresponding to your institutions’ profile.

July 7 2021: Developing and addressing climate change for Insurers

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July 8 2021: How Asset Managers are building climate-resilient portfolios 

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July 13, 2021: From commitment to implementation - The Asset Owner journey

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July 20 2021: Insights into the banking sector's climate journey

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July 2021

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