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China’s Education Company Crackdown and Harassment at Activision

20 mins listen July 30, 2021

In a sweeping overhaul of its private education sector, China issued new regulations that requires the USD 100 billion industry to register as a non-profit. The move threatened to wipe out billions of dollars of market capital for any publicly listed Chinese education company and ignited a debate around profits, education, and private capital. We discuss what the move means from a local standpoint, a market standpoint, and from an impact investor standpoint. Then we discuss the ongoing sexual harassment controversy at Activision Blizzard that led to thousands of employees walking out of their jobs in protest this week.

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Xiaoshu Wang

Executive Director, MSCI Research

Miranda Carr

Executive Director, MSCI Research

Olga Emelianova

Executive Director, MSCI Research

Meggin Thwing Eastman

Research Editorial Director

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