Australia listed indexes - intro

MSCI has over 50 years of history in providing Australian-domiciled investors with global index capabilities and solutions.

Our local flagship offering, the MSCI Australia Index, has been capturing the performance and composition of the Australian equity market since 1969.

Over the years, we have created indexes specifically for Australian investors to better support their needs. These include the MSCI Australian Domestic Module and other indexes that are calculated in the Australian dollar (AUD) or optimized in AUD for volatility control.


MSCI Australia Listed Indexes: An essential addition to our ever-expanding suite of tools


Building on the MSCI Australian Domestic Module launched in 2020, our latest addition is an enhanced series of AUD-denominated market-cap indexes: the MSCI Australia Listed Indexes.

By including eligible foreign-incorporated entities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the MSCI Australia Listed Indexes aim to provide an comprehensive coverage of Australia’s domestic investable universe and serve as a de facto measure of the Australian economy.

They are designed to support the creation of cohesive domestic portfolios and enable investors to integrate approaches such as ESG, climate, factor and thematic investing.

Australia listed indexes - key features

MSCI Australia Listed Indexes: Key features

Principles of Sustainable Investing

Rigorous representation of Australia’s domestic investment universe

Foreign ASX-listed entities are included to provide a more comprehensive measurement of the Australian equity market

Robust and transparent framework

Robust and transparent framework

Built using MSCI best practices in terms of transparency, data quality and index construction

Robust and transparent framework

Customization with ease

Globally accepted MSCI methodologies such as ESG, Climate, Factors and Thematic can be readily applied for greater investment agility

Robust and transparent framework

Replicable and objective

Adopting minimum free-float requirements and a free float-adjusted capitalization weighting facilitates replicability

Principles of Sustainable Investing

Current and precise

Periodic reviews and incorporation of daily corporate actions ensures an accurate reflection of the ever-evolving Australian market


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Australia listed indexes - A versatile tool

A versatile tool for your Australian opportunity

The MSCI Australia Listed Indexes aim to afford asset managers and asset owners a greater control and flexibility over their investment processes.

They are designed to:

Support research into the Austraina equities market

Help define and structure core allocations into highly liquid equities of both domestic and foreign companies listed in Australia

Benchmark portfolio performance against the intended opportunity set

Serve as an effective representation of the Australian market in a global portfolio

Serve as the basis for index-linked financial products that could be used for tracking or risk management purposes

Australia listed indexes - MSCI difference

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The MSCI difference

  • Our industry-leading classification frameworks across geographies, sectors and company size aim to help investors better understand key performance drivers and incorporate asset allocation views and insights.

  • Our highly accurate data and timely insights are structured in an accessible manner to help investors drive outcomes confidently in an ever-changing world, be it for diversification, decarbonization or other investment goals.

  • Our time-tested, globally consistent methodology provides a strong foundation for a wide range of index strategies that are designed to enable investors to execute investment convictions, from seeking broad market coverage to creating optimized outcomes.

  • Our award-winning ESG and climate solutions, built on decades of insightful research by an international team of experts, are designed to meet the growing variety of needs of institutional investors who wish to manage ESG risks and address climate change.

  • Our analytics tools and factor models, support quantitative strategies and precise assessments of the relationships between securities and returns for more adaptive and resilient portfolios.

  • Our client-oriented innovation, cultivated from years of serving many of the world’s most influential investors, means we could proactively address unique requirements and help Australian investors prepare for the future.

Domestic indexes

Key indexes covering Australia equity universe for domestic investors:

Market Cap

Custom ESG/Factor

Custom Special Tax

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